Thursday, 17 July 2014

Grey or white

This month has been harsh financial wise.  Excuse me a mo, the baby dog is crying at my feet - probably for a cuddle......

Back - dinner time apparently as she was joined by her mum and gran.....  I am ignoring them as they set their clocks forward an hour...again!

Anyhoo, where was I?  Oh yes, tightening belts.  So, as I was saying, I am looking to save funds where I can as I have a 40th birthday trip weekend to fund in August for Hubby and I to attend for one of my best friends. Hubby has a habit of making holes in his jeans pockets and only so many repairs can be done by his mum before they can be repaired no more.

Yes, I said his mum.  My home economics teacher tried everything and then gave up telling my parents she despaired of me because I am incapable of sewing anything.  Sewing to me is what calculas is to everyone else.

So, we bought Hubby new jeans, we have funded a family BBQ which always costs too much because Hubby makes enough food to feed the 5,000 and we have funded 2 birthdays.  So the need to colour my hair has remained a need.

Last month I told my hairdresser that I did not like the base coat on my hair - we had to go a darker blonde the month before as my grey hair was becoming resistent to lighter colours.  I now hated the mousey blonde/brown colour.  The hairdresser was not happy but she put a lightish brown on as the base colour and I am not kidding you, within a week I had a stripe down the top of my head.  My own fault, she did warn me and I thought she was exaggerating but I had clearly forgotten that we were now 3 years down the line since I had a darker base coat.

Now my badger stripe is easily over a centimetre wide.  I found myself parting my hair this morning and lifting sections up to see just how much grey there was to dark brown and instead found myself trying to decide if it was mostly grey or mostly white.  My Nannies hair was white, pure white and given the choice I would prefer that to grey.  But really?!  At 41 years old?!  I don't think so.  For a start it is distracting when I am plucking my eye brows as my eyes are drawn to said badger stripe in the mirror.  If I was a dog or a Gremlin I would be called Stripe. And I would be no good as a Gremlin as I would find it far too difficult to refrain from eating after midnight.

So it will need to be coloured again next month on payday and lets all keep our fingers crossed that she can lighten it so that I don't look like Flower from Bambi again by the 15th August.  Any more belt tightening will have to be as a result of me drinking water instead of Pepsi Max and not buying Murrey Mints and any chocolate bar I set my eyes on.

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