Thursday, 3 July 2014

Five already? Where does the time go?

Despite feeling ill I made it to a party on Tuesday night.  
The previous week I got out of my sick bed to spend a little time with my God-daughter who came to visit me; though I suspect she was more interested in seeing the dogs. She did manage to invite me to her birthday party in between cuddling the dogs and trying to get to Lily who had promptly gone to hide behind the chair.  After all, Lily is not overly keen on hugs from us and we own her!
After asking Emilia if she was 10 already or 8 or 3 or 4 she told me proudly she was 5 this year.  Emilia has always been very very bright and the conversations she had with us at 2 and a half years old were what we would expect from a 4 year old so talking to her now is like talking to a little girl of 8 or 9.  
She informed me that she would like a trampoline for her birthday which wasn't overly helpful for me because her mum and dad were buying that for her.  3 years before I had taken Emilia to Build A Bear for her Christmas present and she had proudly 'given life' to Hello Kitty.  Having kitted Hello Kitty out in 2 outfits we exited the shop and Hello Kitty spent the first year sleeping with Emilia at night until she got her very own bed last year.
This year our birthday present was to give Hello Kitty a summer shorts and top combo with the most psychodelic sandals I could find (the latter specifically because Emilia's mum and one of my best friends, Kirsten would LOVE them).
Emilia's 'real' party is on Saturday so this was for a small select number of Emilia's friends (4 of them) and her parents, grandmother and us.  Pass the Parcel was played during which Emilia joined in with all the words of the latest Gary Barlow song, lots of jumping on the trampoline was done and the adults endured lots of screaming and shouts and the requisite few tears.
When the children went home Kirsten sat down and said 'Thank goodness for that' and I laughed because we were all thinking the same thing.  I have so much respect for anyone who has more than one child.  
The children were lovely but noisy and I endured the dizziness and feeling sick so that I could help look after the children, especially the one who decided to whizz round the garden on the bike so he couldn't stop.
Little Emilia is amazing, though not so little, and is so very bright for her age.  Intelligence beyond her years and yet she still loves her cuddles, and wanted to sit on my knee for a snuggle after she changed into her PJs for bed.  
I am graced with being her Godmother and I adore seeing her.  Watching her grow and knowing that every time we visit she will not go to bed until we leave as she spends all night showing me different toys and having snuggles.  
Yesterday took me back to when Beautiful B was small and all of her birthday parties.  Beautiful B is all grown up and now saving her money to move in with her boyfriend and so I am honoured to have Emilia so that I can stay in the moment and enjoy the freedom of expression and innocence of a child.
Happy Birthday for Tuesday Emilia.  I will still be snuggling you at your next one!

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