Friday, 30 May 2014

You know you are going to have a bad day when.....

....everything starts to go wrong despite your best intentions to clean and get jobs done:

  • Hubby decides he wants a lie in so you are already running late after driving him to work;
  • You decide to fit the replacement mirror that some numpty knocked off your car a week ago except you can get the mirror into the attachment thingy but the attachment thingy can't be easily attached to the mirror holder thingy or;
  • you can get the attachment thingy fitted to the mirror holder thingy but then can't get the mirror into the mirror attachment thingy because the fitting is so tight;
  • You can hoover any carpets because the hoover is suddenly not working but apparently it was working the last time the daughter used it and has miraculously decided to stop working on its own after she finished with it;
  • The wires look loose on the hoover plug so you wonder if the wires need attaching back to the plug properly except you can't do that because the screw is in so tight that you have knackered the screw head with the screw driver;
  • Having noticed your daughter or her boyfriend have dropped what looks suspiciously like hot chocolate down the stair bannister you go to clean it off only to find other bits of spilt coffee on the wall;

  •  This is where the post got to and it went in drafts after I went to bed exhausted and frustrated.  
     And then I promptly forgot about it.
    And then I find it when scheduling another post I have just written and think.....'not again!'
    And that is why I need to start listing everything I have to do every day.
     Because I forget.
    And then I look, and feel, useless.
    Having read this back I really was not having a good day was I?

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