Thursday, 29 May 2014

What to do with a spare room

My last news about my little Beautiful B (in 'Why, hello there!' ) was that she asked for a car for her birthday and was more likely to get money towards driving lessons.  Well now that has changed.

Next week I get a break away from my child.  Having had a difficult few months she decided to go on holiday.  To Corfu. With her boyfriend. It will be June and therefore just short of boiling but now she is older I should try not to worry about her ability to realise she might need a stronger sun lotion.  

Long gone are the days where I can decide to just book myself a holiday; in fact I had about 6 months of being able to decide that before I decided to do the grown up thing and move in with my boyfriend, buy a house and have a family.  Beautiful B should use that ability to it's full advantage.  

I love my little Beautiful B to bits and wouldn't change her for the world but it would have been nice to be able to do that for a while longer than I did.  But then we all want to grow up so fast when we are kids, don't we?

Despite being able to see the advantages of being able to spend the money (and obviously save a bit) before she settles down she and Ry are thinking about moving in together at the beginning of next year.  I am not worried about their relationship because they are so strong and will have been together for 3 years by then but I think they are going to be shocked at the bills to pay. didn't stop me and if I have learned anything it is that kids don't listen and then you get to 40 and find yourself saying to your mum 'you were right' because you had done exactly the same thing.  That is young love for you.....

So, I will be childless except when she comes round asking for money, or to play with the dogs, or to have her tea cooked.  And I will have a spare room.  Now what to do with it.  I found myself thinking about this yesterday when I was day-dreaming.

Obviously I need a room that guests can sleep in; no more having to go home overnight Rachel but as that will not be overly often I thought it might be nice to get a fold up bed - one of them in a big comfy couch.  I could put a TV in there and take myself upstairs to watch TV and leave the TV downstairs for Hubby and his sport.  I could remove the TV from our bedroom because he lives up there at this time of year (I am almost sure there are only 2 hours in every 24 when sport is not on.....).

I could put the games station up there and the computer (though that would necessitate a new wireless computer) and it could become a games room - well it would if I didn't put my office up there which would make sense as it is in the dining room at the moment.

And the extra wardrobe space....let's not forget about that as my 12.5foot wardrobes which are from floor to ceiling are just not enough!  And the additional storage I had built into the back, lets not forget about that! I could have shelves put in that roll out so that I could choose much easier which pair of shoes to wear.....

mmmmmmm, in reality none of that is going to happen because this year's funds are already ear-marked so the most that can happen is the office moves upstairs, the rocking chair also and so it will become my readiing room while we save for a guest couch/bed.

Ooooookkkkk, so I disappeared on my lunch and spent a bit of time on pinterest looking for spare room ideas and so far:

It's a small room so putting the bed away is tempting.....

See the nice comfy couch?!  I can see myself curled up watching Criminal Minds
Would need a comfier chair.....
But then I got carried away and thought about the space under our stairs which currently has my lounge chair in it.  The room is big enough to section that off and here would go a lovely little snuggly office.

And then I saw this!!!!!

Two different positions to lie down 
Now I have an attic space that houses nothing except an empty obsolete water tank, a spare suitcase and about 20 boxes of Christmas decorations.  So this would be ideal!  The Christmas decorations could be stored in the space under the eaves and voila - my own home cinema! 

And so you see, this is obviously what parents start dreaming about when children are thinking of flying the nest......not that I won't miss her; it will be much quieter for a start because the child needs hearing aids if her TV volume is anything to go by - of course I will, so maybe what I am doing is distracting myself.....

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