Tuesday, 1 July 2014

What I learned this week


I know I have been missing.  Forced initially by far too much work for one person and then by illness.  Anyhoo, I am back and as this is always my favourite post of the week here goes....

  • If you use bug spray on black and white fly the black fly fall off the plant when they die, the white fly have some way of clinging onto it.
  • Dead black fly make the window sill sticky.
  • Black and white fly on the one of two plants i have ever managed to keep alive is extremel frustrating!
  • If your mum buys you some pretty red dust caps to go on the wheels of your car to match the paintwork some low life will steal them.
  • It's not a good idea to park too close to the air machine when you go to pump up your tires because the nossle may scratch your door as you open it - numptyribena.com!
  • Cutting the hose down to just the right size to power wash the back garden because it annoys you is not a great idea when you are going to need it 6 months later to power wash the front garden.
  • Peach and passionfruit smoothies from McDonalds are delish.
  • Having switched to Pepsi Max from full fat Coca Cola in a bid to help any weight loss has resulted in me now thinking that full fat Coca Cola is far too sweet - who would have thought?
  • Looking for a replacement suite with higher arms to help prevent Hubby's backache is a waste of time because he will still choose one with lower arms because it reclines but at least he knows you are thinking of him!
  • The Mum who refuses to go to the hospital arguing she has heart burn when she is in the middle of a heart attack will berate the Dad who refuses to go to the hospital when he turns over on his ankle and can hardly walk - both as bad as one another.
  • Taking boxes of chocolates to said Mum and Dad and then another to Aunty and Uncle not only makes you feel good but the delight on the Aunty and Uncles faces make your day!  
  • It takes ages to update the iPad.
  • Playing Farmville 2 is addictive and that is putting it mildly so when it keeps closing down it drives you nuts.
  • Currently removing all music from the iPad in the hope that there is just too much on there does not mean that you believe that is going to work and you know that you are going to unplug the internet and plug it back in again. 
So what have you learned this week?
Usual rules apply - see below. I would love to hear from you if you also leave comments on my blog.To join in Julie's What I Learned This Week carnival, simply follow these steps: 

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