Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Facts of the day - well not today so A round up of facts of the day - there that's better.....

Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly.  It has been a while; an age in fact.  I have no excuse other than work and how dare it get in the way of daily posts.  If only I could find 30 minutes between writing funding models and trying to convince others to make decisions rather than dither about.  Working from 7am until 11pm is not good for me…or my skin and at my age I am fighting a losing battle with the latter.

So after an arduous telekit where I have come out without any more work to do on top of what I already have (though I have offered my assistance if needed because…well, it looks good) and trying to see my dining room table desk I have found a bunch of daily facts from my calendar that I have been saving to post about.  So without further ado……

·        People with Cotard’s syndrome can suffer from a variety of delusions, which range from a belief that they are missing vital body parts or vital organs to thinking they are dead, have lost their soul or do not even exist.  The illness is found mostly in individuals with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.
o       Suddenly dreaming about screwing my own teeth out with a pair of pliers doesn’t seem so bad
·        The human stomach must produce a new lining every day to protect itself from its own acid
o       Here’s hoping it never goes on strike
·        The world’s oceans contain enough salt to cover every continent to a depth of almost 500 feet
·        A polar bear can rip the head off a human with one swipe of its paw
o       And that is why, my dear friend Rachel, your fiancĂ© looked at you in complete disbelief when you went legging after one for a photograph!
He he - Rachel just texted to point out she was chasing a brown bear not a polar bear. Yes Rachel because that makes sense too ;-) 
·        Some scientists view love in terms of addiction, and they might be right.  One study discovered that monogamous pairing is based in the same region of the brain as drug addicion.  Losing your love can be like experiencing withdrawl. 
o       Well I struggle to give up fizzy drinks and sweets so I can only guess what I am going to be like when Hubby pops his clogs
·        Pigs can become alcoholics
o       And so can little Cala fluff who can tell the difference between a fizzy drink and cider bottle
·        ‘Dork’ is the proper term for a whale p*n*s, hence the derogatory term
·        US citizens are not legally permitted to come into contact with extraterrestrials or their vehicles according to Title 14, section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, implemented in 1969
o       As far as I am aware there is no similar law in the UK so I can happily introduce myself as a long lost family member
·        Telephones carry the most germs in an office, followed by desks, microwave door handles, water fountain handles and computer keyboards
o       Cue Rachel and Angel reaching for the antibacterial wipes
·        And it gets worse Rachel: Demodex mites, or follicle mites, live in human skin.  By some estimates you have a colony of 1-2,000 living in your skin right now.  When you touch someone or share fabrics with them you are trading follicle mites
o       And all of my nerve endings up my back are suddenly driving me mad
o       It gives a whole new meaning to sharing everything in life with your loved one
·        People who live in big cities make more ear wax
o       How does some researcher wake up one day and decide to test this hypothesis?!
·        The rare neurological disorder alien hand syndrome (AHS) causes the sufferer’s hands to move independently, without his control over the action.  People with AHS have been known to punch or choke themselves and tear at their clothing, and may even need to use the healthy hand to curb the alien hand.  The condition typically arises after trauma to the brain, brain surgery or stroke
·        Roughly 100 people die every year by choking on ball point pens
o       And that is the reason why you should never have a pen in your mouth while thinking and leaning back on a chair
·        In 2008, an Illinois woman had her big toe chewed off by her pet sausage dog (dachshund) while napping.  Because of diabetes-related nerve damage in her extremities, the woman felt nothing and slept through the attack.
o       Never again will I moan about Cala fluff trying to lick me to death in a morning

So there you have it folks; proof that we live in a strange strange world.  No wonder I feel completely at home here.

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