Thursday, 8 May 2014

Dozy moments

If there is one thing that I have managed to pass onto my daughter it is my ability to say dozy things before I have engaged my brain and thought about it.
Latest examples of my genes being passed to my Beautiful B:
R:     Just received a text from my aunty.  She says she just saw a mouse run across the room so she is going to get a cat.
BB:  What is a cat going to do?!
After doing a 12 mile bike ride in training for a 60 mile bike challenge:
BB:  My bum feels heavy.
Me:  So your bum muscles don't feel tight then, just heavy?
Watching a quiz show on TV with a question about Opera:
BB:  Is Opera it's own language?
No response, just laughing with her.
I love my Beautiful B so much.  She is so cute and comments such as this aren't because she isn't clever, just that she is dizzy and doesn't think before asking a question.  Having said that I can't tell what Operatic singers are saying and as I don't listen to that kind of music she would never have had the opportunity to discover that they sing in all languages.
Similarly we have dogs not cats and I have obviously neglected to tell her a lot when she was growing up including how cats chase mice (and birds) and leave them as presents on the doorstop for you (don't they Rachel...).
She is obviously in a world of her own and our latest conversation proves it!  Beautiful B is 20 years old next month and yes, I have absolutely no idea where the last 20 years have gone.  Her boyfriend has finally been sensible and instead of buying used cars from an auctioneer he has decided to buy a brand new car, to which Beautiful B and I breathed a sigh of relief after the last one set itself on fire. 
His purchase of a vehicle has, however, prompted Beautiful B to decide to take up her driving lessons again which she put on hold last year.  She came in the room I work in this morning and told me she was going to book driving lessons and had a question about her birthday present.
I am expecting a request of money to put towards some driving lessons for her and thinking to myself about whether to tell her we had intended to buy her something different.  Different being a pair of proper cycling shorts, amongst other bike related things, so her bum does not get heavy so quickly.
Instead I was asked for a car!  Makes sense now that her boyfriend has bought one; after all, his will be on finance but will cost him less each month than a procession of old and knackered cars constantly requiring mechanical help.  Luckily he has gone for a small economical car so I don't have to worry about any drag racing. And of course, if he has one then Beautiful B will obviously start thinking how great it would be to have a little run around.
Today's kids seem to want everything immediately don't they?
So I told her no!  Asked her how much she thought we earned and whether she thought I would be driving round in a 6 year old car if I could afford a new one.  To which her response was that an old one would be fine.  I know this was tongue in cheek and she knew the answer before she asked the question but then she is a trier!
After 'negotiation' I have offered to discuss with Hubby whether we should contribute to driving lessons instead of buying her bicycle equipment that will help her training.  With a not so gentle reminder that as children get older the amount spent on them for Christmas and Birthdays reduces.
Or is it just my family that doesn't spend most of their savings on their children when they get older unless it is a 'special' birthday such as a 21st or 40th? 

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