Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Why, hello there!

Good morning peeps! 
The 28th April was the last time I posted anything.  I could say that I have been doing lots but although I may feel that I have been it is probably not in many other peeps books. 
You know when you seem to be chasing your own tail and getting nowhere; the days where you sit at your desk or in a big comfy chair at home and decide that you have achieved nothing that day despite the best of endeavours?  Yep, I am experiencing that every single day.
I am chasing my tail at work as both procurements I am working on are ramping up; one of them has a lot of back and forth motion going on and making both me and the colleague I am working closely with dizzy!
We may be getting a slight reprieve but again that might just be wishful thinking.  Next week practically the whole team is being pulled on another procurement to do some bid evaluations as they are too complex for some of the volunteers we regularly use. 
On the bright side of next weeks work I am staying in Sheffield for 3 nights and I am insistent that I will take myself off to Meadowhall to go to the cinema and of course if I get side tracked window shopping (I am a woman, it is only natural) there is always a later showing to go to.
Of course, it wouldn't be right to go to Sheffield and not take some club accounts with me to do, hence travelling by car rather than train this time.  Even my big suitcase will not hold 4 full A4 leverarch files in it.  The year end is almost upon us so I must ensure that the accounts are fully up to date and balancing. 
Cleaning up at home also seems a bit futile lately - that has made me think that cleaning is a bit like being abducted by one of the Borg!  'Resistance is futile' because you can't resist/avoid (choose word depending on whether you have OCD cleaning tendancies) having to do it but then a day or two later we have no choice but to do it all again. Like going on a roller-coaster because you can't not want to but knowing you are going to feel mildly squeamish afterwards.....
Sorry, I went missing there - Cala decided she was in a bad mood and took it out on Freddy.  A stupid thing to do if you concentrated on the fact that she is at least 8 times smaller than he is but if we take into account she is tiny and probably knows to knock one of his arthritic ankles so he goes down like one of the Star Wars long legged walking things (I could google their name if I could be bothered but I am not) he really had the disadvantage.

Freddy is now led to the right of me so that I can intervene if she goes a bit mental again.  I very much doubt she will seen as she is comatose in front of the fire at the moment.
The worst thing I chose to do these last two weeks is start playing a game on my iPad called (seriously) 'Meow Meow Star Acres'.  Little cats looking suspiciously like Hello Kitty run around planting fruits and veg and tending to cows and pigs to make ingredients for meals.  Of course, more Hello Kitty characters cook the meals with the sole purpose of selling it to other Hello Kitty's in the local shop.
Of course, I got a little addicted to this despite to mind-numbingly simple format and to make matters worse then downloaded Farmville 2 which I have become equally addicted to and prefer.  To top it off I invited Rachels mum to playand now she is ddicted. 

Hubby is none too pleased as I have become 'attached to the iPad' which is apparently completely different to being a great conversationalist (sarcasm obviouisly) when attached to a lap top and constantly check the football/snooker/golf/darts (insert any sport related activity here) results!
So altogether the blog took a back seat as did the cross-stitch both of which means I have been rather naughty.
I did, however, remember to take Hubby to Liverpool FC on his birthday to meet Phil Thompson, an ex Liverpool FC player and manager, and have a tour of the stadium during which he had a proper 'WOW' moment after he got to shake his hand and have his photograph taken with him.  I even thought he was going to cry at one point.
I am not sure I can beat that birthday present in the future so maybe it was a stupid thing to do!

Now I have to go as Cala has decided it is time to beg my forgiveness for picking on Fred.

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