Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What I learned this week

First of all I am on my way to Sheffield for 4 days to work alongside the rest of my team. It's just past 6am, I've been in the train 30 minutes which means I have been awake since 4 am - yes, 4am! 

This week I'm going to concentrate on the lessons learned while preparing for my first week back at work after 2 weeks of work. 

I have no idea how I have filled my days off work to the extent that I haven't posted anything in the last week!  So I'm going to blame the Olympics and sleep - lots of it. 

Having the best intentions of saying to myself that I will catch up on some work and emails before I return to work is not the same as actually doing it! 

The day before I travel is usually spent packing, catching up with work, doing the laundry and a bit of cleaning - note the word USUALLY.

Downloading an addictive computer game is not a good idea on the day you are supposed to be packing. 

6 hours goes very quickly when engrossed in an addictive computer game. 

Being in a hotel room for 4 days means a huge suitcase is required. 

I can hardly lift that suitcase!  Packing Ribena cordial and Pepsi Max probably contributed to its weight. 

When printing travel itineries, checking emails and packing the work laptop I really should ignore the addictive computer game. 

If the dogs go mental and I look out of the window and see Hubby coming home from a game of pool he can lip read when I say 's$#t' because I still haven't packed the suitcase and it's 10.30pm. 

I can pack a suitcase quite quickly. The clothes may be folded but everything else is practically thrown in. 

When sorting out which paperwork needs to stay with my laptop and which can travel in the suitcase it's a good idea to make sure you pack the right things in each bag. Otherwise you may, as I did, find yourself in the train station at 5.15am rooting through the suitcase for your train tickets. 

It is possible to pluck my eyebrows while on a moving train without taking an eye out. 

Similarly I can put my make up on while on the train, remember I have to take my glasses off, without looking like a clown or poking an eye out with the mascara brush. 

Having filed my nails I can paint my nails with nail strengthener but it may need redoing again at the hotel tonight....

The man sat 2 seats behind me keeps coughing - maybe he doesn't like the smell of nail strengthener.... 

When rapidly working out which train ticket is correct along with the seat reservation before the train sets off is a nightmare when I've had to dig them out of the suitcase at the last minute. I sat in the correct seat but the conducter kindly told me I had given her my return train ticket! 

Next time I am ignoring the computer game and packing properly, even if it's just so I don't have the last minute train ticket worry. After all, shoes falling out of a suitcase along with my Eyeore dressing gown is not what others need to see in a station at 5.15am. 

Downloading films on the iPad at the last minute is not a great idea. Leaving them to download overnight seems a great idea but I may have found that 2 of the films didn't download. Apparently a lack of storage space - I'm not sure what I have on the iPad that takes up so much storage space!  

It's a good job that the hotel has free wifi so I can download the others after I have watched the first. After all, I only packed 2 books - they won't last 4 days. 

Getting up at 4am to straighten my hair means I can watch an episode of Criminal Minds on the planner. Yes it does take 45 minutes to sort my hair out but seeing Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) in just his boxers was worth getting up so early for. 

And lastly, when I have a pice of skin on the end of my index. finger that is annoying me I shouldn't pull it because I may rip a huge piece of skin off the pad of my finger that stings like hell and even more when using hand sanitiser. 

So there we are.  What did you guys learn this week?  Leave me a comment and let me know. Then hop on over to From Inmates to Play dates to see what Julie learned this week. 

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