Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What I learned this week

I have been on leave this week to watch the Olympics.  Yes, I do take leave to watch every Olympic games despite not liking any other sport for the rest of the year.   So, I haven't really learned much this week:

  • GB are rubbish not so good at Figure Skating - 19th out of 20th in the group event - bring back Torvill and Dean.
  • The USA and Canada have such a great ethic - to enjoy the experience of the Olympic games and it is great to see.
  • Having learnt about Curling this week I rather enjoy the strategy of it all but I cannot cope with all the shouting they do.  It's completely unnecessary.
  • I do not make the best use of my iPhone 'to do' list.  I should really put more things on it purely based around the fact that I forget where I put things.  The fact that it has to remind me twice a day to take my inhaler is evidence enough of my forgetfulness ability to get carried away doing something else.
  • Somehow, despite the onesie being navy blue on a white dog Beautiful B can forget to unclip it from between Cala fluff's legs when she goes out for a pee!
  • Trying to stop Cala Fluff from licking her wound when the onesie is in the wash is a nightmare.
  • My knee and ankle joints ache when the weather turns cold - I guess this means I am getting old maturing with age.
  • Even a university can make mistakes when explaining what grades are needed to get on one of their courses.  They can even think that your daughter is on a completely different course than she is on.  Thankfully she can get onto the course but she will require 2 distinction*s.  Luckily she is in line to get those grades. 
  • It is possible not to breathe properly while you wait to hear whether your daughter can still get on a university course because you are trying to think about how you are going to console your daughter if not.
  • Lily fluff is top dog.  If she decides that she wants to lie where one of the other dogs is lying she merely has to stand right in front of their head and they move.  No growls, snarls or noise at all - just 'puppy power!'
  • 3 of my dogs are too soft!
  • When you work from home it can be hard not to log onto work to keep track of your emails in the hope that you can hit the ground running on your day back.
  • Arranging a night out with 3 of your friends is much easier if you send a spreadsheet to them for available dates than trade text messages for hours.
So what did you learn this week?
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