Monday, 17 February 2014

Let's drug him

On Wednesday I saw Angel who relayed how wonderful her 5 day trip to San Francisco was with her husband including how her Hubby was so excited to go to Alcatraz he put on his earphones and disappeared leaving her to wander the island alone.  Not only that, after listening to the history he returned the headphones and then disappeared again to discover it once again.

I have always wanted to go to San Francisco.  I would love to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and have always wanted to visit Alcatraz.  

On collecting Hubby from his usual weekly snooker match he asked how their holiday was and I said that I had always wanted to go there.

Hubby:     "You have never said that you want to go to San Francisco.   Where has this come from?  Is it because of the great holiday Angel has just had?

Me:            "No.  I have always wanted to go.  I am intrigued by Alcatraz and the city has so much more to offer.  It has just been pointless to mention it because you hate to fly."

Hubby:        "Yes, but that is not fair on you."

Me:            "No it isn't.  However, you panicked enough on a 4 hour flight to Morocco so you aren't going to manage a 10 hour flight to San Francisco."

Hubby:        "Still, it isn't fair on you.  You can always drug me.  We can borrow some of drugs.  They work for her."

Me:              "Oh yes, because it is fair to drug you up just so I can see a city."

Hubby:         "It's not like I would know; I'd be drugged up."   

So there you have it peeps. Licence to drug my husband so I can go on a holiday outside of this little country.

See, the man will do all sorts for me!

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