Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What I learned this week

Cala fluff has been to the vet this week to have an operation.  She is currently feeling very sorry for herself and so she should be.  I have been through the same operation she has, obviously for a human! Anyhoo, I can only imagine the pain she is in when she moves. 
  • It's a pain trying to get Cala to sit properly so you can clip the dew claw she has on her back leg that curls in on itself and causes her pain.
  • It seems like a good idea to have the dew claw removed at the same time as she is being spayed.
  • Getting a quote for the spay and what you assume includes the dew claw is a stupid thing to assume.
  • It takes approximately 20 minutes to remove the dew claw, sew up the wound and dress it.
  • The cost of an extra 20 minutes work for the vet, including the anaesthetic, is £100. 
  • I am in the wrong job, I should be a vet, I would earn much more.
  • The cost of a spay does not include painkillers, additional gas and air to aid the dog coming round from the anaesthetic or blood tests prior to the operation to check for anything sinister.
  • The costs of additional 'treatments' during the spay add up to nearly £150, and that is just for a small dog.
  • The cost of all the treatments plus the spay and dew claw removal are just shy of £400 - basically nearly a weeks wages.
  • The cost of a 'onesie' to prevent her (and her mum and daughter) getting to the wound will add another £20 to the bill.
  • Cala fluff will bark and bark and bark when put in the cage at the vets and won't clam down for an hour - basically she doesn't like being caged ;-) and isn't afraid to tell anyone so.
  • After the operation and when she has come round she will be her normal friendly kissing self and help out in the vets reception (translated to needing cuddles and kisses).
  • She will sleep when she comes home after eating a full bowl of food and despite taking her out 4 times she won't pee - that makes for a late night before being able to sleep.
  • The plastic bag we have to tie round her leg so she can go out without getting her leg dressing wet in a pain in the butt!
  • A day later and she is still sleeping merrily in her bed in front of the fire in my office.
  • Trying to stop her going up the stairs and jumping on the furniture over the next few days as the anaesthetic wears off is going to be 'interesting'.
  • I would include a picture of how cute (and sorry for herself) she looks but my email is playing up - again.....
  • Again - I am in the wrong job.  I wonder if I can convince Beautiful B to change her career choice to being a vet....
So what have you learned this week?

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