Monday, 3 February 2014

It's cold up North

Another day, another train. I am sure that even people in other countries have heard the jokes about our train system. I, touch wood, have had no such trouble since starting my new job. 

Then again, I do catch a train just after 5am and as the train sleeps overnight at the town I live in, it can't really be late can it?  What, with being one of the first trains  of the morning! Unless it was frozen....

So you would think I would be happy, which I am (glass half full and all of that) and that I had nothing to moan about. And I don't. 

I do have an observation though. Although the train leaves on time it's cold because it's not had time to warm its cockles as my mum would say. 

This morning I sat on the train attempting to snuggle up like a little hedgehog in hibernation which is kind of impossible seen as I don't have prickles and I am to fat to fold myself in a ball. 

It's a rare occurrence these days. Me being cold. I used to be cold all the time. Fires roaring in August, hot water bottles practically strapped to my body, heating on full blast, hubby in the garden fanning himself cool before he melted like a snowman in hell. Well, you get the idea. 

Not, though, for the last 2 years. It turns out that having various bits cut and removed from your body can raise your temperature. I blame the hormones. They were to blame for the migraines; I'm sure they won't mind me tagging other illnesses onto the list of reasons they were not good for me. 

Let's not forget that Hubby must be grateful they are gone. There are no more  days each month where I locked myself away in a room for fear of ripping someone's head off for breathing. Now it's just normal bad moods. Ha. 

Back to the train;  after eating Milky Way yoghurts (not really yoghurts - melted chocolate and cream - amazingly good for the arteries) and deciding it wasn't a good idea to eat something cold I tried to snuggle up as close to the side of the carriage. As close as I could get and I tried to find a way of resting my feet and ankles on the heater that runs down the side of the cabin. That worked until a man sat opposite me. 

I wished I had worn more than my usual fleece and I longed for my clothes - the first time in 2 years. Note to self: gloves do not take up that much room in the everything but the kitchen sink bag. 

Imagine my delight as I walked into the office building to a heater blowing glorious warmth at me. It was no surprise that I promised to return with my laptop to keep the security man company if the office was not as warm as the lobby. At least he wouldn't have given me more work! 

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