Friday, 14 February 2014

Where did I hide the Valentine's card

I have a habit of losing cards that I buy before they are needed.

On our wedding I gave Hubby a card.  Since our wedding 18 months ago I have found 2 that I bought him, hid in a safe place and forgot about.  Okay, I forgot about 1 and searched the house for the other before buying him the third.

For his 40th birthday I got a card reminding him of his age.  6 months later when taking the computer tower to be fixed I found a card that I had already bought him.  This card had been designed by me, I had written a beautiful verse inside professing my undying love for him, sealed it in the envelope and written his name on the front.  I recalled tucking it under the tower because he came home early unexpectedly.  I had then promptly forgot that I ever bought it.

So I have form for doing this right?

So it's Valentines Day.  I had already bought Hubby a card when away with work I had spent a good hour scoping out card shops and reading their cards; I have a thing for verses - thought has to go in the card you see.  The lack of a verse insinuates that the only thing a person has thought about when buying the card is how pretty the picture is on the front of the card.  I know, high maintenance.

Yesterday Hubby and I spent half an hour hunting for my keys - the ones that not only had a key for every external door in our house but the only car key.  I insisted Hubby was the last to have the keys, he said he wasn't.  We found the keys, still in the front door - on the outside of the door.  I guess I can be grateful that the red amber alert for the weather and the force of the wind kept people indoors and that our car was still outside and we hadn't been burgled or murdered in our beds!

I returned home from taking Hubby to work to hunt for another hour for the Valentines Day card that I knew I had bought Hubby and hidden in a safe place.  

You would think that as I have my life on a 'to do' list on my iPhone, all categorised; of which one of the lists is titled 'Cards' that I would have noted where I hid the card.  Yes, I would too.  Except I didn't.

So, having searched all the places it could be including my office I sat down to write a blog on how I would, once again, have to go out and buy Hubby a duplicate Valentines Day card.

Until I saw something peeking out from under my storage box for pens, staples, paperclips.  Yes, I had searched everywhere in the office...except under this box.  Numpty!

I have found the Valentine's Day card.  I have danced a jig around the dining room table (my office sits on top of the dining room table).  I have realised that it was a stupid place to hide the card as it is possible that Hubby will have moved this storage box to get a pen. 

I have realised that I need to utilise that 'Card' list on my iPhone for things other than reminding me what cards I have to write and send to friends that month.

Hubby expects me to lose things on a regular basis.  He knows that he should have had different wedding and 40th cards.  It is only right that I stay true to form and struggle with this Valentines Day card.  After all, this is who he married and this is who he will celebrate our second Valentines Day with since marrying me.

Happy Valentines Day Hubby, I promise to try harder next year......


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