Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What I learned this week - the Christmas 2013 edition

I know this looks a little late but to be fair it has been 3 weeks into the making and I wanted to make sure it was as comprehensive (by that I mean as full of waffle) as my usual posts.

So this year's Christmas lessons:
  • I should learn how to make a Sunday roast sometime this year in preparation for Hubby being ill again next Christmas.  It will at least allieviate some of the panic of potentially having to cook a Christmas dinner for 5 when my speciality is warming products up in the oven.
  • I should also learn how to make sure that all components of a roast dinner are ready at the same time.
  • Add to that how to cook carrots properly.  I still haven't mastered this at 41!
  • As Beautiful B is approaching 20 years old and watching her weight I ended up with 2 large tins of sweets because they weren't eaten over the Christmas period.  It does not matter that one of those tins was bought for me by a work colleague because they will both be left. 
  •  If I forget to take my migraine pill just before I get into bed after a severely heavy drinking session it will take 2 of the miracle workers to get rid of the hangover the next day 
  •  It is hard not to get distracted at work the day after a heavy drinking session and I am glad I only do it once or twice a year  
  •  Working from home is great until I had to remove all signs of office equipment from the dining room for the Christmas table, especially when it is time to put it all back again - gives a whole new meaning to not looking forward to going back to work.
  • It is pointless buying a novelty Christmas cake when there are only two of us that eat cake in the house, especially when everyone is filled to bursting from Hubby's gorgeous Christmas dinner.
  • I will want to give Hubby more kisses than normal when he tells me he has recorded my favourite episode of The IT Crowd as it was shown as a Christmas special.
  • My 'To Do' list just grows and grows when I am in holiday mode.
  • It is not a good idea for me to go into holiday mode, from work, before I put a claim for expenses in.
  • All of my fluff bags love Satsumas.
  • Lily fluff will try to find anyway into the dining room to try and get to the bowl of sweets on the dining table when she thinks I am not looking.
  • If I ever decide, again, that are insufficient lights on the tree I won't stand in the shop texting Beautiful B to if the lights are blue.  When she says she doesn't know I won't assume they are blue as I suspect and take a new set home and dress the top of the tree in the first set and the bottom of the tree in the new set because I will have blue and white lights on the top half and blue on the bottom half.  Brilliant!
  •  Beautiful B will decide that our Christmas tree looks cold because it's theme is blue and silver (the tree is green but covered with snow and so I think blue works very well).  Apparently a Christmas tree should have red lights and red tinsel.
  • I may well be not only buying new (red) lights next year but different decorations too as Beautiful B has cast a doubt in my mind, or maybe a need for a change
  • On the 7th of January I will still have over a tin of sweets left, a tin of biscuits, a tin of crackers for cheese, breadsticks (with nothing to dip them into....mmmm a job to do when I pick Hubby up from work)...and the list goes on.

So what did you guys learn over the Christmas period?

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