Thursday, 9 January 2014

Doggy tripping

Hubby is at work and I thought I would write a quick post about Abi fluff tripping last night. Except I got to reading someone's blog and having a look at their blog roll and then decided to up date my blog reading list and 90 minutes get the idea.  Thinking about it I wish there was a way I could update my site's blog roll of fantastic bloggers easy and simply by being able to copy my reading list but alas I can't and so that is a job for another day.

I was also disturbed by a phone call from Hubby who was reminding me to pick up some computer spray cleaner when I went to Tesco - I had to ask him to remind me why I was going again.  That was to have my nails done so I really should have known that and it now means I have to have a shower before I go there as I have my nails done at the salon that also does my hair and I really cannot go looking like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards.

So it looks like the accounts that were supposed to be started again at 8.30am are going to be started this afternoon!  Yes, I did do some last night - cue round of applause for finally getting round to them.....

Right back to Abi fluff.

Yesterday Hubby was working overtime and I went to pick him up.  Having put most of the weekly shop away I thought it was safe to leave the door to the hallway open.  After all, why are dogs going to try and get into a 6 pack of 7up - right?  

Yes, that is right, they didn't.  What the girlie fluffs decided to do was attack Hubby's packet of Cappuchino's that were also lined up against the wall ready to find a suitable storage space that was not in the dining room which is now my office and must not become the dumping ground for everything again after I cleaned it out ready for Christmas dinnner. Full stop, breathe.

Anyhoo, when we arrived home, as usual Freddy fluff was sat on the couch and looked at me as if to say "It wasn't me....again!" (He refuses to get involved in all sorts of doggy naughtiness after being punished once). 

Around the living room, stairs and landing were various strips of cappuchino packets.  Luckily they are hard to get into unless the dogs find the small strip that I pull back to open the packet.  They had managed to open 3.

My fault, I should have known that if it is related to anything food or drink related that Lily fluff can get into she will.  After all, she demonstrated her abilities to open zips and velcro at any early age when she 'investigated' Hubby's coat pocket and ate his iPod.

Cala and Abi fluff let Lily fluff do the deed and then they help eat the contents.  

The result of last nights endeavours?  Well, after a mad dash around the house for 20 minutes by all 3 girlie fluffs Abi fluff decided to sit on the back of the sofa waiting for anyone to go by when she would dive on them and then just at the kitchen door.  Dare to open the door and she would run in and sit at the spot in front of the cupboard where her food bowl is stored and alternately look at the top of the cupboard and then me.  

Ignore her and come out of the kitchen and she would sit on the back of the sofa, jump off, sit on my knee, move about on my knee, jump off, erratically walk around the room, get back on the top of the sofa, get off and do it all again.  For 6 hours!

Luckily she came down from her high by 11pm and slept soundly last night. 

This morning I took Hubby to work.  I returned home to no barking and Freddy Fluff sat on the sofa looking at me as if to say "It wasn't me....again!"  On opening the living room door the 3 girlie fluffs barked and ran down the stairs.  

I walked upstairs to find that Hubby had left our bedroom door open which is dangerous.  Dangerous why?  Well, Hubby has a bedside cabinet and in that drawer I place all of his "goodies" which at any one time may hold 3 or 4 different kinds of chocolate and sweets because I can't resist buying him things.  Not dangerous you may think except Lily fluff knows how to open that drawer - clever arse of a dog!

More so though she is an expert at zips and my laptop rucksack was on the floor where it has been throughout the Christmas period.  Now, both Hubby and I know to keep the door shut because if Lily fluff can smell any kind of food in a bag she will investigate at first opportunity. The girlie fluffs also know, from experience, that I also store goodies in my bags, especially when I have been travelling with work.

Lily fluff, this morning, in her wisdom decided that it was easier to investigate my bags that Hubby's drawer - after all, opening zips must be easier for her than nudging the bottom of a drawer open with her nose.  Let's just say that the dogs have eaten 2 packets of Toffets (chocolate coated toffee), half a bag of dark chocolate coated honeycomb sweets and were 2 of them were busy trying to open 2 packets of Mars Bar Bite thingies. Ripped sweetie packets are ripped and strewn across the room along with my paperwork - after all, paperwork does not taste as nice as chocolate.

People, I have just shut the door on it....... So far Abi fluff is not tripping.  She may well have stomach ache.


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