Friday, 10 January 2014

Does westernised exhaustion exist? 
If there is, I have it!  It is the end of my first full week of work and I am so tired I have been awake 2 hours and could happily go back to bed and sleep for another 5.  I am so tired I am yearning for Saturday to arrive so that I can go back to bed for a couple of hours after taking mum-in-law shopping at 8am.

The house needs cleaning and the closest to getting the house back to normal now the Christmas decorations are down (booooo, hiss) is basically taking them down because none of the normal trinkets and ornaments are back in their usual places.  For once, I am too tired to care.  

Like a true office person I am maintaining that brain power is more hard work than physical labour though if I had to test that theory I would probably die for real or spend my time wishing I was.

Strange, the gas fire has just turned itself off.  Now it either has a fail safe on it that I haven't known about for the past 9 years or we have a ghost.....I had a moment of panic that it was broken, I have to admit.  After all, it is what keeps me warm when working from home without the need to heat the whole house.  It seems to be switching back on so I can breathe a huge sigh of relief; the credit card lives to see another day.

Hmmm, now that woke me up a little bit.  The thought of being cold, yep that did it.  Not quite sure what the fluff bags would have done either because they have taken to lying on their beds in the office/dining room now all snuggled up near the fire in one big puppy pile. 

I have managed to book Hubby and I into a visit with K and M tonight.  I have already had a night at the cinema with A (the new Paranormal Activity film - don't bother) and an evening with Angel (with a bit of Beautiful B thrown in for good measure who turned up carol singing at A's house during the evening - yes, it is January) in the past 2 evenings.  It's only my bright spark that can arrange 3 visits on consecutive nights and then decide it may not have been the brightest of ideas on the first week back at work.

Maybe I am unwittingly trying to book myself early retirement on health grounds because I may well just give myself an early heart attack at this rate. I also volunteered to taxi Beautiful B around today too - glutton for punishment!

As an aside while searching the web for today's caption competition with the search word "exhaustion", I came across one that had a picture of a yawning baby that said "Anyone whoever said that they slept like a baby has obviously never had one" - now that's the truth.  That and random photos of Demi Moore, looking as unexhausted as she can so that appeared quite random.  There may well be a perfectly reasonable explanation; I just don't know it.  Answers on a postcard....

Have a great weekend everyone.

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