Wednesday, 4 December 2013

On the road again

I'm travelling more than I did when I was completing my accountancy training at the moment. Take this week as an example:  on Friday I travelled the Yorkshire, Saturday to Manchester and back to Yorkshire, Sunday back home, Tuesday to Sheffield and then to Leeds and I will travel back home on Thursday night. By the time I get home Hubby will be used to having the entire bed to himself! 

At least I have managed to keep track of which train I needed to be on at which time and trust me that no mean feat for me. 

This week I am staying in a budget hotel and despite the requirement to be a contortionist to stay wet in the shower while the faucet took a 360 degree turn on its own accord it is worth losing some comforts for the memory foam mattress. After all a good nights sleep is key. 

I can't get my work laptop to connect to the internet let alone the work intranet so there is plenty of time to read or watch I'm a Celebrity.

Though I am only on my first episode of the latter I found myself twittering at the stupidity of some celebrities. Comments such as "The stick insect looks like a stick but it has a brain and everything" don't really help one look more than stupid. Mind you, this is a 26 year old that was proud of learning how to tell the time "on a clock with hands and everything" so I really shouldn't expect much. 

I brought some club accounts to do tonight after my lean training course so I intend to keep myself busy. After all, important things such as decorating the house for Christmas must take priority this weekend!  

Beautiful B will be decorating the dining room on Friday while I am working in there. At least we can laugh and enjoy it together with Christmas music playing in the background and of course, I can supervise. On Saturday I can decorate the living room while Beautiful B is at work. 

I was going to fetch my Christmas cards with me to Leeds so I could write them in the evening. Having printed out my Christmas card list, however, I need to being 70 cards and for that I had to lose important things from the clothes. Therefore, I will write them on Saturday when I catch up with The X Factor as I have just realised that I haven't caught up with last weeks episodes. You see all this travelling is affecting my ability to catch up with all the programmes I record. 

Back to travelling. On the upside the benefit of working in Leeds is that there may be late shopping hours in force so I may just have a mooch around the shops  tonight. After all, I still haven't been able to find a store where I can obtain this years personalised family Christmas tree decoration. 2012's family decoration takes pride of place on the tree and it's lonely and needs a friend! 

Yes, that is what I will do before I sit down to do some snooker accounts tonight. 

Have a great day everyone. 

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