Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What I learned this week

Let us see what I have learned this week

Work gets in the way of posting what I have learned this week

Despite it feeling like the dentist left part of a back molar in when removing a tooth for a good few weeks I should have faith because eventually what was evidently a small part of (non) removed tooth will fall out on it’s own.

I am rather proud of how well my nails are growing; okay, just my left hand because despite having ‘gel’ nails to make them stronger I still manage to break the ones on my right hand when doing things. 

Randomly finding a broken, you guessed it, right thumb nail during an extremely drunken Christmas work party will mean that you can’t even visit the bathroom safely.

Over the last few years Fredster has learnt that it is quite enjoyable to stand at the patio door and wagging his tail and watch all the pretty fireworks.  It appears he has worked out that it is much more enjoyable than throwing up in fear like he did when he was a youngster.

It is far too easy to pick up a takeaway on the way home from work and if I have 3 takeaways in a week Beautiful B will talk to me about how scared she is of losing me because she has already lost her dad.  Oooops.

Making ‘hard’ decisions about what series I have to forgoe on the TV so that I can have some spare time isn’t as hard as I thought.

Co-Codalmol 50/300g don’t make me as cuckoo as Tramadol even if I have to pop more of them to keep the pain at bay though they do give me migraines.

Thankfully, the severe operation I had 2 years ago to reduce the migraines has resulted in a lack of head pain during a migraine but it will take me 2 days of feeling sick, dizzy and having sore eyes to realise that I still have most of the other ‘effects’ of a migraine.

I am still giddy about the change of direction in my career 4 weeks after starting on the team. 

If I talk for more than 30 seconds in an air-conditioned room my voice gets quite gravely. 

After failing to find a Christmas stall to get my annual personalised Christmas tree ornament and ordering one from the intranet I will randomly find a stall in Sheffield.  So this year, we have two 2013 ornaments.

Reserving train tickets to return home on the 6.11pm train the day after the team’s work Christmas night out seemed like a good idea….until today when I am counting the minutes to catch that train after downing I do not know how many glasses of double vodka, lime and lemonades. 

So what have you learned this week?Usual rules apply - see below. I would love to hear from you if you also leave comments on my blog.

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