Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Sunday is the new Wednesday

It is today anyway as I am having, what is lately, a rare moment of attempting organisation.  You see, on Wednesday I will be in Sheffield for a long day at work and then a long train journey home 
I may very well be putting off doing accounts again right now but I like to think that I am making sure I post at least more than once this week, unlike last week. 
This caption says what I may well be feeling like when I return home later this evening(see, now I have slipped into Wednesday speak).

Yes I am very well be making certain assumptions of what my mood may resemble 5 minutes after walking through the front door but if last Wednesday was anything to go see, I came home to a house that appears to have stood still in time from the moment I left the house very early on Monday morning. 
Having had more than a mountain of packing to do because I am one of the worst examples of a woman who packs lightly I left the Sunday dinner pots for Hubby or Beautiful B to do; I know I was being optimistic.  On Monday morning they were still there but as I was already late setting off on my journey I left them safe in the knowledge that they would be done when I returned to the house on Wednesday. 
Yes, you guessed it folks...they weren't.  In fact, the pile had simply been added to and the left over spaghetti bolognaise which would have made a nice meal for 1 person had it just been frozen was still in the pan.  Seriously!  Seriously!
Now, I am not silly; I know that I am more than a little obsessive when it comes to cleaning, though little less so of late but this was beyond measure.  I did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, threw the left over food away and went to bed.  I was a prime example of restraint when I did not mention it to Beautiful B or Hubby that night or the day after.  
I did, however, mention it in passing to Hubby on Friday to which his response was "I have hardly been in."  Oh that's okay then because it takes all of 5 minutes to wash pots and tidy the kitchen in what is obviously such a busy schedule.  I did not grace him with a response which is universal female speak (or lack thereof) for "If I speak now I am so going to regret it". 
Suffice to say if that happens again this week I will almost dare him to use the same excuse again but as he has never wished me to be the proverbial housewife he had better hope that he understood that my silence was more deadly than any words I could have chosen to say to him at that time.
That being said, I am more optimistic than not that Beautiful B and Hubby will not make the same mistake again.

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