Thursday, 19 December 2013

The bra that doesn't want chocolate

The only time I listen to the news, and by that I mean, put the TV on and listen to it while wandering aimlessly round a room, is when I am in a hotel and working away from home.  This morning a news item reminded me why I don't watch the news.....

.....a news item of a bra that doesn't like chocolate.

Now I know you are all thinking I have lost more than the one usual marble but hear me out.

Apparently scientists have devised a bra that detects when a woman is going to want to eat chocolate.  Now as I was wandering around the hotel room packing all the sweets and chocolate I didn't eat last night because I was too busy downing double vodka, lime and lemonades at the rate of at least 4 an hour I didn't fully catch how it does this.  Something about a raised heart rate or body temperature or some such thing.  Anyhoo, it registers whatever and texts the wearer to tell them they are likely to eat chocolate.

Lets ignore the fact that we are talking about women and we tend to know when we want chocolate, or are working up to being unable to resist those delicious morsals, and concentrate on who could possibly have decided it would be a great help to society if women were alerted to such danger.

I am not providing a blanket opinion here but I suspect it was a man.  Firstly, women know they want chocolate, secondly a man is more likely than a woman to suspect that women are not aware of such desire increasing and thirdly if a woman wants chocolate she is probably going to eat it regardless of the reminder.

I have to admit the bra was very pretty and immediately after thinking that I thought randomly 'bet they don't do that design for women with huge boobs.'

My next thought was that it was a rather dangerous product - and here is why I think it registers body temperature or increased heart rate - because it could be sending random text messages just as the woman is about to get hot and heavy with a man.  After all, increased body temperature and heart rate are both increased at that time.  

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