Tuesday, 26 November 2013

What I learned this week

It's been a funny old week and I have learned a lot.....

  • You feel cold when your hair is wet even when the fire is roaring (okay, switched on - I want a roaring fire but it isn't going to happen and I couldn't be bothered with the trouble getting it started and cleaning out a real fire anyhoo);
  • It is possible to go away with work on a Monday morning and to return on the Wednesday evening to find that Hubby and Beautiful B have not dried or put the pots you washed away.
  • Likewise, and even worse, the spaghetti bolognaise will still be sat in the pan because both are too lazy/busy (take your pick which one) to put it in a container and freeze it.
  • I thought my dining table was huge.  Turns out when you are using it as a desk it isn't.
  • You shouldn't put a brand new wireless keyboard on your lecturn because when the lecturn randomly collapes the top, it will bounce off onto the floor and smash one of the keys beyond use.
  • It takes all day to wash and dry the families clothes when you have been away two days.
  • The fluff bags will bark and dance around in circles for nearly 10 minutes when you return from a 2 day trip.  Assuming they do age 7 years to each human year I have been away 2 weeks so it is small wonder really.
  • If you inexplicably get a small spot/pimple on the side of your face underneath the arm of your glasses it is damn hard to get rid of it.
  • Gel nails may be strong for everyone else and help stop nails breaking; not so much for me.
  • Despite best intentions when Hubby is away overnight it is far too tempting to order pizza.
  • You can wash all of the washing from the laundry basket on a Thursday and it will be full again on Friday night despite only 3 adults living in the house.
  • Beautiful b will tell you the graphics on Jurassic Park 2 are rubbish and then you will need to explain to her that it was released in 1996 when she was just about 3 years old.
  • It is entirely possible to cry your eyes out at Bonnie's funeral on The Vampire Diaries which may suggest that you have become much more emotionally invested in the programme than you thought.
  • You realise how ridiculous you are being when you catch yourself thinking that you wouldn't be overly enthusiastic at visiting New Orleans because there may well be real vampires there! Yes, that did require an exclamation mark. 
  • You can arrange a night at the cinema with your baby and another night to visit one of your best friends around the nights you are working away only to realise that as you are away next weekend you won't get to spend an evening with your husband for a week - oooops.
  • Hubby will refuse to cook Christmas dinner if you insist on him wearing a Christmas Santa hat. 
As you can see a rather mixed bag of lessons this week.  So what did you guys learn?
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