Monday, 25 November 2013

400 pages and counting

It's Friday and therefore my non-working day.

Having sat with my head in my hands going around and around in circles looking at private sector accounts most of yesterday and this morning I have found myself wondering why any company thinks that it is helpful to put together annual report and accounts that run in excess of 400 pages let alone employ what must be more than a small army of people to draw them up.  

Granted these businesses are huge and they have subsiduaries all over the globe but seriously, would it not be easy to say, I don't know provide a simple note to the account that summarises total assets and which of those are current assets and then the same for liabilities? It would certainly save me having to jump all over the account looking for the information to make up those figures.

I wondered this as I was also wondering if I had bitten off more than I could chew when deciding to train as an accountant (again) and then realised I was being a pessimist and that I should give myself a break - it is, after all, more than 7 years since I have had to look at anything other than government accounts that are for this big a company.  

Some, and in that I mean my husband, would tell me that I am trying to run before I can walk in a new job again but I am having an attack of 'I don't know what the hell I am doing and I should have just requested a move to operations'itis.

Taking into account how long it has taken me to do one job (and spectacuarly fail at it) I am thinking that I should spend the rest of the day getting ahead in the other job that I have to do on Monday in case it happens again, especially as I need to draft myself a strategic key work objective around promoting and teaching VAT to the commercial directorate masses by our team meeting on Wednesday.

If hubby knew I was even contemplating doing that he would want to shoot me with something light and fluffy, so as not to upset my sensibilities any more than they already are, so lets all just keep that a secret....Rachel.

On a completely different note as I have just looked out the window the skys are blue, not a cloud in the sky and yet I am sat here with the fire on and still thinking I am cold.  If I wasn't waiting for a man to come round and determine (for the second time) whether the replacement leather for my suite is a good match I would be tempted to put my dressing gown over my clothes.

I've set my office up in the dining room because I do not have a spare room, not until Beautiful B moves out, and it is untidy and that is making me restless.  Azamingly so.  I have an overflowing basket of ironing which is staring at me and driving me nuts, a spare kettle and toaster provided by mum and dad (not that mine aren't working; I am just unable to say 'no' to them when they ask if I need something), various Christmas presents waiting to be wrapped for Christmas, the requisitite treasury accounts (and I intend on off-loading one of them sooner rather than later now I have started this new job), 3 board games, a ton of accountancy stuff I need to read for my 'continuing professional development' amongst other things that are driving me mental.  

The fluff bags are thankfully quiet but I am not kidding myself, I know that is only because I am sat in one position and being relatively quiet.  As soon as they hear the chair move they think I am up and about and ready to play with them or to let them snog me to death.  

You know what, I am going to go and have some breakfast; it is already lunch time to see if I can shut my head up.  I have no idea who I am kidding, I know I am coming back in this room in 30 minutes time to get ahead of the work I need to do on Monday.  And this, dear folks, is why hubby feared me working from home.  As he told me at 8pm last night; I have no idea when to shut the computer down and start again the next day.

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