Wednesday, 9 October 2013

What I learned this week

Firstly, I apologise for dropping off the planet.  It has been very hectic and the pain in my wrists and arms has caused more trouble than I am sure it is worth.  What I learned this week is a day late because yesterday was a very important day - my first official anniversary with my Hubby and so of course I concentrated on him rather than the blog.

I thought that I would do What I learned this week a day later than normal and dedicate it to my Hubby so it may not necessarily be what I learned this week...
  • Hubby is extremely patient, or appears to be all the time.  He could well be a bit like a duck and nice and calm on the surface and furiously trying to maintain his temper when Beautiful B and I are not making a whole lot of sense or telling a story that takes 30 minutes instead of 5....
  • Hubby is much soppier than even I thought he was, evidenced by the personal wedding anniversary I received from him yesterday with "To my beautiful wife on our first anniversary" on the front with a photo of us on our wedding day on the front and a photo of the wedding cake on the back with the words "Together Forever".
  • Hubby can be a bit of a numpty - evidenced this week by him leaving a very expensive mobile phone on the bus, just before a load of school children got on it.  The phone, although locked and totally unusable, has not been handed into the bus company, the police or Hubby.
  • Hubby is more upset at losing what was on the phone than the phone itself.  Apparently there were some video clips of our wedding day that I didn't even know he had taken on it (more evidence of how soppy he is) and those are irreplacable.
  • Hubby has taken over the ironing, some of the cooking, some of cutting up my meat, carrying not so heavy loads, and opening bottles in the last year as my illness deteriorates.
  • Despite the fact that me potentially working from home in the new job I start next month will create additional cost to us, when I asked for his opinion he said "Whatever is best for you, that is the only thing that is important."
  • I catch him looking at me every now and again with a look of adoration in his eyes.
  • He is the calm to my storm and will hold me to provide comfort when I sob for a long time in his arms with frustation at the deterioriation in my illness.
  • He loves the fact that he can buy me cards with "wife" on.
  • He would never dream of forgetting an anniversary or event that is important to me; a card is always waiting for me.
Yesterday was the first official anniversary of our wedding but he has ensured that on the 19th of every month since we met he has wished me "Happy Anniversary" and even works out the number of months we have been together.  My save haven is in his arms, which are always open to provide comfort.  He would walk to the ends of the earth and back for me. 

Yesterday we celebrated with a romantic meal at the restaurant that held our wedding reception, reminised with the owner about how beautiful it was and while we stared into each others eyes and talking when the background music changed and the whole restaurant sang a song of celebration as the restaurant staff bought out a dessert topped with a candle.  Apparently, they could not let us go "without celebrating with us." 

The night was perfect and I am still on a high.

So what have you learned this week? Usual rules apply - see below. I would love to hear from you if you also leave comments on my blog.
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