Tuesday, 1 October 2013

What I learned this week

Okay, it has been a couple of weeks since I posted on What I learned this week so I suppose this should be what I have learned in the last fortnight.....
  • I am so very tired! I am not sure these iron tablets are working as they should despite the fact that I take two a day.
  • Peel Park is a nice place to work as I see bunnies every night when I go home and even saw one this morning practicing the green cross code by using a zebra crossing; granted it only managed to hop along half of the crossing before scampering of but it is obviously a work in progress.
  • It is possible to spend a whole 4 solid days with my 19 year old daughter on a trip to London without bickering or snapping at each other once; if we exclude the time she had to tell me to calm down when I got a bit over-excited in the Harry Potter studio.
  • Despite being so fantastic the Harry Potter Studio lets itself down by not selling Dobbie teddies; personally I think they are missing a trick - they would make an absolute fortune.
  • Apparently Dobbie teddies are not sold because they are still in development - really! Alledgedly they cannot get his nose right.  Considering the owl and the cat (whose names I cannot recall at this moment though Crookshank for the cat is ringing a vague bell) teddies look nothing like the actual film characters I am not sure that anyone, especially children would care about an imperfect nose on a Dobbie teddy.
  • Never fear; I consoled myself with a wand, Hermione Grangers wand to be exact when a Dobbie could not be found.
  • You can buy wands in different designs; one for each of the main characters.  It is a shame that you could not see the true designs in the film but Hermione's had a pretty trailing leaf design on it.
  • A single chocolate frog in the same box and design as that depicted in the films is £8!  Proof of the power of film....
  • The only reason I did not buy the huge book that tells the story of how all of the films came to life is because I was concerned Beautiful B and I could not carry it around London all day while shopping.  Again, I found an alternative - still a book but it weighed less and was £30 less. Makes up for the price of the wand.....
  • I'm not quite sure Hubby knew how much the wand cost when I told him I had bought one in consolation for a Dobbie teddy - the text response "We will need a loan by the time you get home" was a tad dramatic!
  • Back pain must also be caused by flat feet.....after being fitted with shoe insoles to provide support for a non-existant in-step and raisers for the heel due to a severe flare up of plantar facilitis and an achilles heel injury (wait a mo while I fall about laughing at an achilles injury when I do no exercise....) my foot and heel pain is much reduced when wearing shoes and my back pain has disappeared - evidenced by not one jot of back pain while walking all over London for 4 days.
  • When you find a gadget that opens bottle tops (amongst 4 other uses) you can get so excited at being able to open bottles without asking others for assistance that you will forget that the gadget would also be very useful for your own mother and her arthritic hands - how awful of me!
  • Despite leaving it over 14 hours between doses of Tramadol the second dosage will still send my brain haywire and no matter how much I try to stay awake I can fall asleep during a sentance - according to Beautiful B and Ry who found it absolutely hilarious!
So what have you learned this week?  Usual rules apply - see below.  I would love to hear from you if you also leave comments on my blog.
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