Monday, 30 September 2013

Post holiday blues

Beautiful B and I have been back from London a week.  Ignoring the first few days when it took me all my time to drag my sorry butt out of bed while it recovered from a lack of sleep, very long days, constant walking and 2 long train journeys in London, I have been unable to find any motivation this weekend either.
Beautiful B's new mantra has become "I wish I was still in London."
I did have a very important thing to do this weekend, and that was take my mother in law to an electical store to buy a new microwave and phones for her house.  New phones become necessary when her existing ones start to cut out on her during a telephone call.  One would think she has a mobile and so would manage but having called her on it the other day and it taking 3 attempts for her to talk to me before cutting me off I wasn't taking any risks.
Driving from one end of town to collect her and then back past my house to take her to the store was a long journey.  Deciding on a microwave took some time; Hubby wanted to go for practical whereas mum was more concerned about the colour (just like I would be)....luckily we found a happy compromise.
A set of 3 phones for the house was much simpler so we then completed the weekly food shop and while Hubby installed the new microwave and demonstrated how to use it I unpacked the phones and put them onto charge.  Explaining what to do when charged was taking some time so I said I would call her the next morning. 
Another long trip home, shopping unpacked and some light housework and Hubby and I were ready for a rest.  In my case, Tramodol helped until they started to send me a bit cuckoo and I took myself to bed at 9pm having given up trying to stay awake to finish a sentence.
Sunday morning required a trip across town to mum's to check the phones were working and to write step by step instructions for her.
The rest of Sunday was a rest and again I was in bed by 9pm and managed all of 5 pages of the book I am reading before falling asleep - that isn't saying much considering I am reading it on my iphone and we all know what size they are....
Today was back to work and while I got quite a bit done, the after lunch slump was a bit excessive when I actually worried I was going to fall asleep at my desk.  Accounting turned into having a bit of a play on a computer games, payment of bills and a post later and I find I need to find my bed again.
Here's to hoping I am more wide awake tomorrow as there is another full day's work ahead, dinner at my mum's and then accounting when I get home......which means dinner at my mum's is the only thing worth looking forward to in that list!
Good night all. 

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