Thursday, 31 October 2013

Non working day is a work day

I work 10 days worth of contracted hours over 9 days so I get an extra day off work every 2 weeks.  So far I have used it to do chores so I can have a full relaxed weekend.  On my last non working day I spent 5 hours having my hair done along with various beauty treatments. It was amazing!  Granted it would have been better had I tagged an Indian head massage onto my visit but a girl can't have everything.  The chores were left and I didn't care because like Damon in the Vampire Diaries I switched my cleaning emotion chip off.  

Now I have a work laptop that I can, and have brought home.  It's in preparation for my move to the Commercial Directorate in 2 weeks.  Little old me was impressed that it had no problem logging onto my home network as promised because although an optimist I hate IT.  If it goes wrong I have no idea his to fix it and that drives my need for control insane.  

In a very sad twist of events I have started to dream about work.  Yes I know, I am ashamed, after all dreaming about my new job may just well be evidence of how much I am looking forward to it.  Even I would much rather be dreaming about runny babbits, flutterbies, cute aliens, in a world where I an eat all the sweets and chocolate I want without ruining my teeth and getting fat. 

The latest work related dream had me leaving all the accounts until the last minute and my bosses, bosses, boss who sits next to me at work was getting just a tad upset,who am I kidding she was going mental, because I still had to count up all the money and balance it to the cash book and we were against the wire.  There is a reason for dreaming about that and normally it would drive me insane but as I am leaving the team, pppffff.

Being one to analyse dreams, and I will admit most of them are a direct result of programmes I have watched that night, this dream was because my bosses bosses boss is not my most favourite fan and my re-design of the teams webpage needs to be with the publication team on Friday as I start training my replacement on VAT next week. 

Now, that is sad I admit but what is worse is forgetting you have a non working day tomorrow (now today) and you have all sorts of work plans for that day.  

Now you all know what I am going to say don't you? The laptop is dancing about in its bag downstairs as I type screaming 'Heeeellllllooooo, laptop to the rescue!  You know you want to press all my buttons......your need for control is knocking on the inside of your skull.  Come and play with me and all will be nice and fluffy tomorrow.  You will have everything organised ready for a telekit with the publication team tomorrow and your need for control will be nice and suitably in place.  Heeeeellllooooo, you know your not going to keep me in this stuffy bag for long.....'

Ignoring how my current management chain think they know my disability better than I do and will tell me that I was wrong to work today because after all, I have heard it all before and I'm leaving the team so go ahead and do your worst.......(rant over) I will do the weekly food shop with my mother in law today and then wire the laptop up to the docking station which will have a suitable keyboard and mouse attached to it as well as a headset for my own personal dragon who lives in the computer.  I will dock the laptop and silence its little cries for attention by writing Frequently Asked Questions and drawing up a much need flow chart on charging VAT in certain circumstances.  

After no doubt growling at the computer a number of times at the need for it to be much simpler to make flow chart boxes and arrows the same size and where I want them I will lovingly save the much slaved over work and dream of much more intense but fun time in my new Commercials team. On Monday I will ignore all telling off for working when I should be resting my hands and pretend they are thanking me for my diligence and dedication to my work because my need for order and control will be nice and sated. 

So yes today is a none non working day and I am happy with that.  After all, I can take a quick break and put a load of washing on or polish the furniture in a room or change the bedding.......I could even have tea ready in the oven for when Hubby comes home.  In a great twist of events though Hubby has decided we must splurge tonight and have a nice meal at the pub before going to watch a film at the cinema.  And that is one of the many reasons I love him. 

Happy Halloween folks!

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