Friday, 25 October 2013

Five Things Friday

3 weeks today will see the final day on my current team at work.  While the move has been forced on me by my pesky disability, a whole 10 years earlier than I hoped for, I have lots of things to look forward to.  So today I thought I will share five things I am looking forward to.

1.     No more month end accounts

...and all the associated in-month stuff along with it.  No more chasing people for reports, no more days spent classifying thousands of lines on income to ensure the department pays HMRC the correct amount of VAT, and most importantly no more pain as a result of pesky MS Excel spreadsheet work. Not that I won't be in pain but it will be much more within my control and we all know what I am like for control. I cannot say I won't spend time explaining VAT to people because it is to be part of my new role but at least not all day, every day.

2.     A new dawn, a new day

Somebody once said, and then millions of people jumped on the bandwagon and copied that bright spark including me, that change is as good as a rest and procurement and commercials will certainly be that.  Gone are the monthly processes you get bored with as an accountant and in are the constantly different contracts and ever moving goal posts of the commercial arena.  Having spent just under a week with one foot in both camps I have loved every minute of it. As the icing on the cake I can maintain both my accounting and procurement qualifications in my new role so 4 years accountancy training has not been wasted.  

3.     It's not how you do it, it's what you do

Out with managers who micro-manage like their lives depend on it and in with a manager who doesn't care how you do the job as long as you get it done well and on time.  Out are the army of 'No's' to disability related requests for a laptop so I can work around the worst effects of my drugs, different work pattern (same reason) and unfair decisions on flexi leave, meeting attendance etc to the detriment of work completion to a manager who has accommodated all of that before I have even joined the team.  

4.     Big picture, little picture (or was it big box, little box?)

Labelled as a so called VAT expert (laughable) I may well still have a VAT key work objective to up-skill the team I am joining but my new manager has listened when I explained the knowledge on his team is not sufficient and that it must be widespread across commercials.  As he can see me thinking 'big picture' he is going to let me run with that. In fact, it was only yesterday that I have managed to talk my way into an additional two, yes two, large pieces of work before I even get there! 

5.     What was that about working from home?

Oh yes, that would be rolling out of bed, being able to stay in my PJ's if I wish, have doggie cuddles on tap all day long, being able to stay on top of the washing, work out of bed if I so wish.  I may have to make myself a timetable of what chores I do each day to fit around lunch times and breaks so that I don't get carried away cleaning but if that means that instead of cleaning on an evening I can spend quality time with Hubby and Beautiful B then that is what I will do.

Yes, 3 weeks sees the dawn of a new day and I cannot wait!

What would your five things Friday be?

Have a great weekend everyone.

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