Thursday, 12 September 2013

Car Crash TV

It’s Thursday, Thursday!  And I can’t recall without going and looking when I last blogged but I do know it was sometime last week.  Which is bad!  Really bad!  Though not as bad as me going out and murdering someone so I should put some things in perspective….

I could argue a reasonable excuse if I had been extraordinarily busy this week but I haven’t other than finding myself running from one task to another, attending a meeting in Manchester and travelling always exhausts me even if I am a lightweight and it is only 90 minutes up the road each way, having a melt down or two, wanting to throw the Kindle out of the window as it has inexplicably decided not to work since the last time I used it…oh and sleep.

Let’s also not forget that the X Factor started two weeks ago and if there is nothing else that stops Beautiful B and me in our tracks it is that.  We are obviously at the stages where a few numpty people who are beyond tone deaf having joined in the foray to be this years winner and while that annoys sensible people like Hubby, Beautiful B, me and now Ry find them hilarious….which is kind of mean.

Let’s face it, it’s not nice to take pleasure out of someone else’s failings but they are happy in their own world singing away to themselves in their houses, or in one man’s case, to his beloved cat.  Whom he loved so much he had not only fetched a framed photograph of his muse to the audition but spent the day telling anyone that would listen to him about her and singing to her portrait at the audition. 

Let’s also not forget the man who was a DJ that not only entertained his audience at disco’s with music but also his singing.  Two for the price of one, what more could you ask for?  Alongside a slice of tone deafness added in and bad granddad dancing no less.  This poor man spent the day waiting for his audition while walking around the waiting area looking for a power socket to keep his laptop charged because he had to sing along to it during the audition itself.

We have yet to be serenaded by a person with really bad manners or anger management issues or worse, their parent from whom they obviously inherited their traits from.  That is not so much entertainment as car crash TV.

Sharon Osborne is back and she is hilarious.  The right mix of sweetness when she turns people down but whom can’t keep her face straight in some auditions.  Which begs the question; how do these people continue to sing when a judge is giggling?  Do they stare off into space and pretend the panel is not there or are they too busy imagining the panel naked in order to keep their nerves in check?

Not only are we treated to the X Factor, Gordon Ramsey is on TV at the moment with Hotel Hell; which Ry and Beautiful B are thoroughly enjoying.  A very good programme in the vein of Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares but instead of seeing him with a naked chest each episode we see his bare butt getting into a shower.  To be honest people, he doesn’t really do it for me and I really don’t want to see a wrinkled butt on TV at all.   

Now I am in the flow of thinking about TV programmes I cannot recall seeing 24 hours in A&E this week which begs the question; has Hubby deleted the programme from the Sky planner to watch his beloved football? Lord help him if he has!

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