Monday, 16 September 2013

A bit of a busy week

Having just dropped a full can of Pepsi all over my hairdressers floor I figured I'd best keep my hands to myself while my colour takes on my hair!  After all, she is as house proud as me so a sticky wooden floor in her house will drive her mad. 

Yesterday the weather turned from glorious sunshine to wet, cold and very windy. My body has taken that as a sign and decided to make me sneeze all morning with the beginnings of a cold. The timing of the cold is better than it usually is as I will have shifted the majority of it by Friday when Beautiful B and I set of for our country's capital for 4 days of fun. 

As my birthday is Tuesday I have arranged a birthday meal tonight with my 4 best friends so an hour into cocktails and I certainly won't care about this cold.  We are going to my favourite cocktail bar once everyone has arrived.  I know where it is but have no idea what it is called so I asked A as she introduced me too it - she doesn't know either.  This might go some way to explaining why we are such good friends.....
Tuesday morning may see me at work with a hangover; at least very tired I suspect.  There will be no time to recover as tomorrow will also see me at the cinema with Hubby, Beautiful B and Ry to see White House Down as a Birthday treat....and then there is Beautiful B's present of the trip to London from Friday to Monday. Again I am being truly spoilt!  
Wednesday is a day of work and I truly expect a very early night.  Luckily Thursday is my day off work but I seem to be filling it up with lots of chores and we are only just at the beginning of the working week.  If I am honest, a lot of those chores are on Thursday's list because I have been too lazy to do them this weekend....

The hair appointment was necessary because my hair grows at a rate of knots and the London photos will be bad enough with me so fat in them let alone with a badger streak down my head. 

If my hair gets ruined between now and on the way home I will shake my fist at the sky and growl through my teeth. After all, being able to go to work without having to use the straighteners tomorrow morning would be a novelty. 

Mind you, unless I find my credit card from its safe place when I get home I won't be enjoying cocktails, a lovely meal, cinema or London alongside all that beautiful conversation with those I love most. 

Update:  Credit card safe and sound after 3 hours of searching - in Beautiful B's purse - after I had given it her to pick up my new phone from the post office 4 days ago. One of these days I will grow a brain! 

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