Sunday, 8 September 2013

Time - where has it gone?

Today I find myself realising how little I have posted lately. I haven't been doing much more than working and running around from one thing to another so haven't had much to say if I am honest! It would only bore you.

Really; what can be said about work? I wake up, wash, dress, go to work, spend the day confused, realise it is home time and stare pitifully at the little work I have done, come home, help Hubby cook dinner (Yay, I am able to help finally....) and before I know it my brain is so tired, my body agrees with my brain and the bed starts calling softly to me.
I seem to have spent a lot of time this week wondering if I will ever get to the bottom of my 'to do' list but lets face it; if I insist on adding to it every day that is unlikely to happen!
Mind you, things like the last BBQ of the season were upon us this week, and as Beautiful B had been complaining there was 'no room in the freezer for "normal" food (read as non-BBQ and something she can put in the oven to heat up for 20 minutes) we felt we should invite my brother, C and A over along with my brother's brother. Yes, I know the family sounds confusing but just go with it and accept there is a genuine reason.
C's dad was a chef and had obviously spent some time teaching C's brother some secrets as he made 6 different salads and brought them to the BBQ; all delicious; so delicious I took a portion of each to work the next day because there had been enough salad to feed everyone on our road and 3 of the boys are true carnivores and would rather forgoe salad at a BBQ. Suffice to say, I loved every one and was very grateful to P. In fact, the small amount of coleslaw will be nice on some crackers with some ham for my dinner today.
As delicious as they were I think my stomach didn't know what hit it; not having eaten so much salad for well over a year but I am persisting because it is all so beautiful.
So as you can tell the BBQ took some of my time up this week. What else? Driving around numerous places to pick up parcels that had been delivered (or rather people had attempted delivery) while I was at work - work gets in the way of soooo many things.
Why the UK cannot just have one company to deliver parcels I have no idea; well I do obviously, the question is entirely metaphorical but it makes things so difficult. This week I have had to visit the main post office twice, the small post office about 5 minutes from my house twice, and travel 40 miles to pick up another parcel. As lovely as the parcels were, and I should think so as I had ordered them all, my new iPhone must be stuck at the post office I attempted delivery pick up from yesterday but they had the nerve to be closed on a Saturday! I'm have an empty feeling that my new iPhone is waiting to fill.

What else happened this week? The home computer is much faster so I am less stressed, it plays Sims3 quite happily now which meant I lost 5 hours last night before I realised it was 1.30am. Having told Beautiful B to look on the EA Games website knowing what she would see Ry and I laughed out loud when she saw Sims4 is due for release next year and said "OMG, seriously I can't cope I am that excited!"
I took the hoover to be fixed; Hubby said it was whining when he used it. I did a final hoover of the top floor before I took it to the hoover hospital and thought that it wasn't whining as much as it was when I sucked whatever it was that made it whine......
I woke up this morning to the washer beeping which tells me something is wrong with it - I have no idea what. The clothes were wet when I opened the washer; luckily when I put it back onto spin and crossed my fingers and toes it seems to have done the trick. I know something is still wrong with it and I fear it is going to cost some pretty pennies before the month is out. 
I can see me asking Hubby to take a pair of pliers to the little cap that no-one can get off without brute force to see if anything is blocking that part of the washer in the attempt to make like a mechanic and fix it. I also think I am going to suggest to washer manufacturers that they put that little cap and the pipe behind it higher on the washer so that when the water gushes out of it on opening there is a chance of catching it in a container rather than mop it up of the floor with the biggest towel I can find in the house.
Later today we are taking Hubby's mum out for a meal so all the DIY I have to attempt before I go out will be rewarded nicely.  Pity the sweet shop 30 seconds away from the pub does not open on a Sunday.

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