Monday, 12 August 2013

Vampire Blood Brothers

I am an avid book reader.  Stupid things keep getting in the way like studying, housework, work, sleep....that kind of thing.  As a result of 4 years accountancy study I built up a backlog of approximately 1 million 75 books which still haven't been read for a number of reasons:
  • The supermarkets sell books and as they are nice enough to sell hardback books at half the price of a normal book store and paperback books at 2 for £7 one just cannot resist ensuring that the book aisle is the first one must wander down. 
  • I have an affinity for Amazon and and they are rude enough to sell books.
  • I have an iPhone and an iPad that decided to join in the fun and provide access to iBooks.
  • Being fussy and deciding that iPhones and iPads are difficult to read in the sun and sunbathing is boring enough to be in danger of falling asleep and burning oneself it was an absolute necessity that I went out and bought a Kindle.
  • Amazon's Kindle Store sells much better free books (or maybe they are just easier to find) than iBooks; and finally
  • A's mum reads more books that I do and sent A home from a weekend visit with a Kindle full of 250+ books and 8 books about vampires that she thought I would love.
As you can see, I am stuck in a never ending cycle of buying books.  As I do not have sufficient storage space for the large amount of clothes that are too small to fit me at the moment but will in the future it is important that I read the 75 books stored throughout my house.  However, the 8 vampire books that A's mum sent to me are absolutely fantastic.
I may or may not be a little obsessed with vampires but not in the creepy way despite the fact that I dream about vampire zombie babies!  I know exactly when it started; Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series.  I enjoyed them as they were easy to read, not much thought was required though I belive the books do not transcribe well to the film; lets fact it would a vampire really look like Robin Pattinson and would a male vampire be as sappy as he is?  I think not.
Wandering through the book aisle in Tesco not long after reading them I stumbled on a book with the following, amongst other things, on the cover "Anita Blake Vampire Hunter".  Of course, I had to do my usual somewhat rude but necessary practice of reading the first two or three pages while standing in the aisle to decide if I liked the way the writer, Laurell K. Hamilton wrote.  I did but when sitting down comfortably with the usual can or 6 of Pepsi Max I didn't understand the story too well - that would be because the book I bought was the 16th in a series.  Of course, I had to start at the beginning and read them all back to back.  So far Laurell is on book 21.
A's mum sent 8 books to me by author J. R. Ward; a series about the Vampire Blood Brotherhood.  I am currently on book 7 and cannot do anything but read them back to back.  Not being serioiusly involved in the books at all I have already downloaded books 9-11 onto the Kindle.  I am recommending that you buy these books and read them as well as the Anita Blake series!
The Blood Brotherhood series is based in a world where vampires exist in society but are unknown to humans (naturally).  They are protected by the blood brotherhood from 'lessers' - dead people who are controlled by The Omega (naughty naughty entity).  The Blood Brotherhood are bred to be bigger and stronger than normal vampires and fight to protect the vampires, the Chosen and The Scribe Virgin (good entity and The Omega's sister).  Each brother has a unique story, all with different issues and the stories are based around how they live together, bond with their female mates and fight for the vampire society.  Each story is interlinked and each book continues the story from the previous book.
The good vs. evil books are extremely well written and the story in-depth.  If you enjoy this kind of book you will find yourself immersed in a fantasy world where lives, friendships and honour are intrinctly woven over several books.    
I hope you give the first a look at; if you have a Kindle or iPhone/Pad you can download a sample of the first book to try before you buy.  Let's see if you are hooked as quickly as I was.

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