Thursday, 8 August 2013

There are benefits to being a golf widow

If I am honest I am a sports widow not a golf widow because Hubby will watch most sport with exception to Rugby and Tennis.  His favourites by far are football, golf, darts and snooker.
He disappears each Monday and Wednesday evenings to play in pool and snooker leagues giving him some 'me' time and time for me to concentrate on me, which generally means I clean the house because I am stupid.
As our savings have to be spent on house maintenance and unexpected replacement cars we cannot afford holidays and so we use our leave for different things.  We are both a bit soppy so we always have birthdays and anniversaries off work together. Being high-maintenance I have two anniversaries a year; one for the day we started dating and one for our wedding anniversary.  Hubby is fantastic; either incredibly soppy or to keep my high-maintenance side in check, he wishes me a happy anniversary on the 19th of every month for the date we started dating.  So I guess I get 13 anniversaries a year.
But I am digressing....
Hubby uses a lot of his annual leave to take Thursday and Friday off work for the major golf tournaments.  He sits in front of the TV watching the golf and the laptop may as well be attached to his hip as he keeps check of scores.  Depending on where the tournament is being held he will watch it from midday to the late evening or sleep late during the day to be awake until the early hours of the morning.
I don't mind golf.  A lot of sport I don't enjoy; football being one though I did try for 2 years as Hubby loves it so much, and snooker which bores me to tears - really bad considering Hubby is in a snooker league and quite good at it. 
I wouldn't watch golf for 11 hours a day because that is Hubby obsessive and I find it much more relaxing to obsess over cleaning but I do watch golf in small doses and know enough to be able to hold my own in a basic golf conversation.  The things I do to be able to get closer and have more in common with my Hubby! If truth be told I enjoy the beauty of a lot of the USA golf courses - does that make me sound old?
The obvious benefit is the time I get to spend with Hubby if I take leave at the same time.  I don't take leave from work for every tournament as the golf is Hubby's relaxation and everyone knows that men need time in their 'man cave' but the odd long weekend is enjoyable for us both.  We generally get the morning together and although we can't travel far in a morning I love just spending time with him, feeling that we can relax and take our time about things and catching up on the discussions that we miss due to work and family life.
This weekends tournament, held somewhere in New York (I will recognise it when I see the course - again, how sad...) gives us time together as I am on leave from work poorly so it gives him time to make sure I am not doing what I shouldn't be doing (of course I won't be doing anything I shouldn't today and tomorrow and it is, of course, representative of how I have behaved all week - whistles to self) and for us to have some time alone in the house just being us.
All three of us in the family now have bikes; I picked mine up last week and Hubby nearly had a heart attack at my insistence on riding it all the way home from the store as he worried I would have an asthma or angina attack on the way.  As it was, I got home in 25 minutes, faster than he did when he collected his bike, and except for wrist pain I was fine.
So today, thanks to the latest golf tournament, some of that couple time will be spent on a bike ride together.  Only 5 miles so Hubby doesn't collapse in fear for my health but it is something that a year ago I would have said would be as likely to happen as the clouds being made out of Angel Delight as Hubby does not enjoy exercise.
For the first time in 3 weeks I am up and about the house before Hubby and have insisted he have a lie-in after everything he has done for me these past 3 weeks when all hell broke loose about my health.  Beautiful B has disappeared off to work so the house is quiet and he can relax for the first time in 3 weeks before the golf starts.
This afternoon, Hubby will settle down to watch the golf and I will sit next to him, watching a little and reading a book leaning against my rock and periodically giving him a kiss, making sure that he is stocked up with beer that I bought specially for this weekend.  I am completely serious when I say that is all I need out of life - to spend time with my man relaxing, chatting, laughing both happy in the knowledge that Beautiful B is happy.

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