Wednesday, 7 August 2013

To a wonderful woman

We met nearly 9 years ago and after being introduced to you by Hubby I took to turning up on your front doorstep randomly with flowers and cakes.  It seemed like an excellent idea as you lived about 5 minutes away from where I used to work. 
We spent hours talking about how you and Brendan met, about Hubby's childhood and you were kind enough to spend some time showing me photos of Brendan as Hubby still cannot look at photographs of his dad, nearly 10 years after his death.  It is a tradegy that I cannot put any photographs in our house of you and Brendan together because Hubby would be inconsolable.  He is the spitting image of his dad and I wish frequently that I'd had the chance to meet him.
Instead I soak up all the memories from you.  Your love for Hubby and his brother is evident in everything you do and people that meet you cannot help but fall in love with you. 
Nearly two years ago we got you settled in a small bungalow so that you were no longer struggling with stairs daily and you love your new home.  I love popping round with some of your favourite biscuits, flowers and jigsaws and giving you a call just to see how you are and the joy in your voice at hearing from me makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
All the stories of difficult mother-in-laws mean nothing to us because we have never had, and never will have, that kind of relationship.  You love me (and Beautiful B) as your own and you love me because of how much I love your son.  You see how happy we are together and laugh at the banter between us in the car on trips out and all you have ever wanted is for you sons to be happy. 
Trust me, I am more than high maintenance for Hubby but not because I am demanding but because he is a natual worrier and my health gives him more to worry about than one would normally expect.  We both know, however, that he wouldn't want it any other way as he has to be worrying about someone and so I fit that bill perfectly.  Personally I wish that I gave Hubby and you less to worry about.
I am so very glad that we get on so well and that I make Hubby so very happy and as a result you know you have nothing to fear in that domain.  For your age, and of course I won't say what it is, you get around very well and are more independant than I suspect I will be at your age.  We get on so well because we are both a bit scatty, have strange and funny ways of remembering things (or forgetting things as the case may be) and we laugh at how similar we can be. 
This year, your birthday is extra special as Hubby's brother is taking you on a trip to see where he lives, the first time you will have seen it since he moved to Bristol.  You will see some beautiful historical sites along the way and visit friends you haven't seen for years before you return home and we all have a family meal together.  You have your trusty camera and I look forward to sitting with you going through the photos and enjoying the stories.
Thank you for accepting me into your life and loving me the way you do.  You have brought something extra special to my life and my marriage to your son.  You know that I would lay my life down for your son if needed and you know how much I adore your son.  I love you more than you know.
I wish you a wonderful birthday this year, as I do every year and I wish I was going to the Hot Ice Show with you.  All my Love xxx

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