Monday, 8 July 2013

When you begin to wonder if annual leave is a good thing

Yes, I know?!  Who would have thought I would ever think that?  If I am honest, I am not truly seriously thinking that because it would warrant people saying I am crazy for starters and I don't think I have much of a leg to stand on at this point.  
Yet I find myself, on the first day into my second week of annual leave ,wondering who will have gotten more out of this bout of annual leave - me or Beautiful B.  Yes, it is always great to be off work, it has to be only a workoholic that would say otherwise, but I was awake and fully dressed by 7am every morning last week because Beautiful B took my annual leave as an opportunity to have her room decorated.  Before you say it, yes I know I am usually up by that time anyway but it would have been nice to be lazy and not get dressed until later in the day.
While we all joke about how workmen have more breaks than they work, this one didn't.  He turned up here almost at the crack of dawn every day and worked almost solidly through the day and he has done an excellent job.  It has been difficult to relax though and it seemed a little unfair to be soaking up the sun in the garden while he worked so very hard. 
This morning I am sat at home waiting for the carpet fitter to arrive so I daren't go out into the back garden because I fear I may not hear the doorbell, which I should really take off the front door as people assume it works when in fact there is neither a ding nor a dong to be heard in the house when it is pressed.
So as I have been off work all week and I am the queen of clean, my house is spotless, right?  No, no, no....because I also worship the sun and so I have been torn.  To be fair to those of you who thought you might know me so well, had it been left entirely to me, yes the house would still be spotless but remember it is Monday which means Hubby has been at home all weekend. 
Yes, ALL weekend and no I didn't give him a week off overtime, work did.  The computer systems were having some maintenance completed so he spent all of the hottest weekend in at least 2 years at home with us.  Though, if he had said he needed a weekend off work I would have been more than happy for him to do so, honest!
Momentarily, back to the reason the house isn't spotless - would you believe that Hubby told me I was to do no cleaning and relax?!  Yes, well me too.  When I did attempt to paint the back gate on Sunday I was told once again to sit down in the sun and read a book. 
So what did we do instead?  The garden furniture had arrived just in time for the sun because we have spent most of the weekend sat on it, soaking up the sun and drinking much more alcohol than a person should really be able and still stay sober (in Hubby's case).
Hubby had taught me to play Bezique on Saturday morning which I really enjoy even if I am rubbish at it.  The need to be able to recall what cards have previously been used in the game dictates that I will never get much better either because I have the memory of a goldfish.  
We played the card games Black Jack and Uno with Beautiful B on Saturday afternoon, the latter of which I was quite good at because it is very much like Snap and almost as easy.  A gorgeous BBQ in the evening finished of the day fantastically well. 
On Sunday, after picking up some fresh meat and being trapped in a car park for an hour in 30 degrees celcius Hubby and I spent the afternoon in the garden reading (in my case) and playing online golf (in Hubby's case) until Beautiful B and Ry arrived later that day.  Two hours of the board game Taboo later which Hubby and I lost thanks to my goldfish brain and we wrapped up another excellent day.
So....essentially I am saying that the house is a mess because I did very little. I have a great excuse to get some done today, once the carpet fitter has disappeared (he is currently hammering away upstairs as I type) becasue the sun hasn't burnt through what clouds there are yet.  
I wonder if I could whizz very quickly around the house while he is hammering and fitting away.....?  No point hoovering until he is gone as there will be bits of carpet flying everywhere but I could get some other jobs completed. 
The jobs don't end there though because Beautiful B has put a lot of the belongings she no longer wants in my car boot so that I can take them to the rubbish tip on the way to picking Hubby up from work because  because 'it is on the way to collecting him.'  In fact, it is past his workplace but there really is no point splitting hairs with her at this point, is there?  
After all, I don't have dinner to make tonight as Hubby and I are off to my mum and dad's as mum is lovingly making my favourite home cooked meal of all time - homemade meat and potato pie! 

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