Sunday, 7 July 2013

In the dead of night

It's 4am and everything is quiet except for the fan as it is far too warm to sleep though Hubby seems to be managing it just fine.  

Today was allegedly 18 degrees but felt more like 22-23 in the sun.  Beautiful B and I caught some sun  but not as much as Hubby who has caught quite a lot on top of his head and the back of his neck. As it is warmer tomorrow, or re-phrased later today, the family will be covered in sun-cream.  

It is not often that I get to spend a whole day with Hubby and Beautiful B, especially without sport of some kind interrupting so making the most of it we made sure we all relaxed in the garden playing cards.  

Being an accountant I was amazingly good at numbers so managed to lose more games of Black Jack and Bezique than anyone else, though I wasn't as bad at UNO because, lets face it, it's a lot like Snap!  

It isn't so much an occupational hazard of the inability to complete mental arithmetic (calculators and MS Excel all day 5 days a week - honestly....ahem) as a memory problem. I am almost incapable of remembering cards that have been played and turned over earlier in the game.  Which doesn't bode well for my older years.....early senile dementia here I come.  Thinking about it I am sure I have said that before.....

The purchase of garden furniture and a BBQ results in meals outdoors as and when we can for fear of downpour if we wait for another nice day.  We seem to be doing well this year as we have had more than the usual 2 days worth of sun since May and I think the Queen should declare a day of celebration as a result.  

Although 'rabbit food' as Hubby describes it is covered in mayonnaise he still refuses to try Coleslaw.  Never fear, I thought, it saves me making a tossed salad for myself.  'Tossed' having two meanings after I threw the remainder of the Coleslaw all over the floor attempting a perfectly easy balancing act with the tub on a dinner plate.  After a spectacular bounce one of my chores later today is to wash the Coleslaw residue off the fences!

I am going to be the Girl Scout I never was and be prepared tomorrow and not only coat myself in sun cream but also set the alarm on my iPhone to go off every half an hour tomorrow afternoon for fear my brain decides to catch up on its currently missed sleep while I lie in the sun.  That way I can turn myself over like chicken on a spit while I slowly bake rather than risk being over-cooked on one side and raw on the other.

Dawn is breaking!  It is 4.24am and there is little chance of sleep now that the sun is rising.  My internal alarm clock goes off when the sun rises. I would get out of bed and do some chores so they were finished for breakfast if I didn't think it would wake Hubby. I guess it is as good an excuse as any to relax and read a James Patterson novel.  

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed yours as much as I am enjoying mine. 


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