Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What I learned this week

By the time this posts I will have been back at work a day after two weeks leave and despite not feeling like I have had much of a rest while on leave, a change is said to be as good as one. You can also be guaranteed that I would rather be doing housework, painting fences and scrubbing back gardens than work right about now.

Included in my lessons this week were:
  • You should never confidently think that you will be able to paint 12 full fence panels, concrete posts and 12 concrete panels in a day, as in 12 hours, as in how stupid am I?
  • Always put down some protection for any kind of floor or patio, especially indian stone paving as this will soak up wood protector and nothing will fetch it back out again*
  • It's an idea to have a good stock of rubbish bags and masking tape in the house before starting the task of protecting the patio within a foot of the fence because despite it being a small garden you need a hell of a lot of bags
  • Attempting to pull up a strip of 5 masking tape attached rubbish bags and move them to another part of the fence will mean that the only gust of wind you will get all day will choose that exact moment to whip them into a frenzy
  • Wear old old clothes if you throw paint all over the place like I do because they will be only of use again the next time you decide it is a good idea to paint
  • Remember to paint the fence panels with the wood protector first before moving to the concrete panels underneath them and the concrete posts; any sloppy painting (read as all of my sloppy painting) can be easily covered up
  • You will be cursing the crap landscaper who did not straighten off the concrete filling for the edging to the patio evenly at least 20 times in one day
  • A good bit of country music makes the job of painting fences much more enjoyable; specifically Faith Hill; only after a good round of P!nk of course
  • Spiders do not like paint
  • Neither do flies
  • Neither do I
  • Forget hinting to Hubby that you would like him to help you with the task after dinner because that hint will go straight over his head, at about 30,000 feet
  • When Fredster starts limping but isn't whining in pain when you press his leg indiscriminately in places and then starts having trouble reversing (yes, my dog reverses because he is weird....) it is a good sign he needs a kick-ass painkiller and some anti-inflammatories
  • Your child will cry when you explain that it may be a bit of arthritis; not because she thinks he is going to die but that he is getting old....of course, a totally legitimate reason then.....
  • Within 2 hours of the kick-ass painkiller Fredster will be wagging his tail and trying to play catch you at the patio door when you attempt to get in your own house even if he is still limping
  • I am thinking that Fredster should be renamed Sir Limp-a-lot from now on!
  • The girlies could be Miss Greedy, Miss Happy and Miss Cheeky - I have no idea if Miss Cheeky is even a Little Miss but Hubby has deemed it unfair to call Abi Miss Naughty because she allegedly does not chew furniture anymore.  Me thinks he may be a bit premature considering 2 arms on the suite have been stripped of their leather for replacement after Miss Cheeky was naughty and munched on them!
  • 20 hours of fence painting in 2 days will get the job done but render you unable to walk the day and result in a good telling off from your best friend, Angel
  • Suncream stings like holly hell when it gets in your eye and refuses to wash out
  • Reading a book in the iPad when an eye stings as a result of the stubborn suncream makes your eyes water
  • Turning the brightness down on the iPad is a good idea as is wearing a makeshift eyepatch.
So what have you learned this week?

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