Sunday, 14 July 2013

Finally resting!

The fence panels, concrete panels and posts are painted finally. It took me 2 days but the garden looks so much better. I still have the back wall to paint and the small trellis fence to protect but that can wait until next weekend. 

It was a good job I rested on Friday because I couldn't walk well at all. You know you are in trouble when you wake up crying after trying, unsuccessfully, to turn over in bed and limp when walking. 

Angel visited for a catch up and gave me a good telling-off before she disappeared - pot, kettle, black* springs to mind! 

I led in a sun lounger all afternoon on Friday reading books about Vampires, snoozed some (though I deny that to Hubby) while the sun beat down at 26 degrees without a cloud in the sky. 

 Shopping with Hubby's mum on Saturday morning, I dragged Hubby with me to push the shopping cart and carry bags though it was the better of 2 evils as he hates shopping and packs his mums bags the 'wrong' way. Don't you find that the older people get the more they prefer order and routine?  Mum likes her shopping bags packed in a certain way or she gets flustered so I pack them that way for her - Hubby puts anything in a bag regardless of whether it has softer items underneath etc. Besides the fact that doing so is totally illogical, there is no need to do so. Wondering if I sound like Data from Star Trek:Next Generation now.....

After moaning to myself about having to clean up Beautiful B's mess in the kitchen I spent another hour in the sun cooking before we packed for an overnight stay at my brothers, C. Trust me when I say that there was more lager and Pepsi Max in the car than clothes and toiletries. 

I really wasn't being selfish when I sent the boys to the pub, honest. They obviously thought I was being totally unselfish when in fact it gave me peace and quiet to finish my book while baking in the sun lounger. Pity then, that I mistakenly packed the 4th book in the Vampire series when it should have been the third to follow the book I finished part way through the afternoon. 

So now, naturally, I have switched to a book on my iPad that is all about murder and mayhem....

Today is another day of relaxation in the sun waiting for A to come home so we can act like big kids at the cinema watching Monsters University. I had a wonderful phone conversation with her last night when her mum came on the line and asked me when she was next seeing me - you know you are doing something right when your friends mum likes you. 

A day in the sun is a good idea as I seem to have left fingerprints on my right leg having evidently wiped sun cream off my hands there and that will just not do! (Of course I have taken a photo of this but as I am on my iPhone at the moment it won't allow me to upload it but I will later). Hubby and Carl have therefore found their entertainment for the day! 

Truthfully the fact that I have fingerprints on my calf is cancelled out by the fact that I am finally getting some rest on annual leave - Hubby says the only way he can guarantee I don't find something to work on is to remove me from the house. To see my brother (or any of my best friends and family) is the best thing he can do for me. 

* refers to an old saying 'us Northeners' hear from our parents; 'that's the pot calling the kettle black.'  I assume this refers to a time when kettles and pots were heated over open fires. 

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