Friday, 5 July 2013

Five things Friday - the bike post

Hubby bought a bike and trust me when I say he never would have done so as a result of a desire to keep fit or enjoy leisure time on a bike.  No, instead it is because the site I work on are completely the opposite direction to where he works.  He doesn't drive and as much as I love him I refuse to do 2 twenty mile round trips to take him to work and pick him up.  His options were an additional 2 hours on bus journeys a day or 2 twenty minute bike rides.  He opted for the second, you know, seen as that makes sense. 

So here are five things I have discovered since he collected the bike:

1.     It would appear that it is possible to bruise your butt sufficiently on a bike after riding it for the first time that you walk funny for a whole day afterwards and say "ooooouch" every time you stand up.

2.     He will moan about the slightest of inclines to not only me but to one of his best friends and his brother who are both cyclists so he gets no sympathy from them and is told tha the will eventually get used to it.

3.     His brother is really quite proud of him for actually going through with getting a bike and persevering with it, despite how hard it is for him.  There is brotherly love for you at it's best.  His brother will then ring him regularly to see how he is doing and is quite enjoying talking to his brother over cycling.  I wouldn't say they were bonding over a shared pastime just yet though....

4.     Hubby will refuse his usual cup of coffee in a morning and refuse to eat or drink for an hour after arriving home because cycling makes him feel sick and that feeling is worse if he has eaten or drank anything recently.

5.     I am amazed that he is doing so well in less than a week and the relief at him not suffering a heart attack or something equally similar considering he hasn't done any kind of exercise for a whole year is hard to describe.

So there you are; short and sweet. 

Seen as this is five days Friday I can't put a number in front of this but the day that Hubby asked whether I had thought about getting a bike so we could go on bike rides together I looked at him and wondered what kind of alien had taken over my husband.  However, I am in the process of getting a bike to do just that! 

Has your husband or partner done anything to surprise you lately?


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