Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I am fed up of painting gates and fences already....

Isn't that really bad?!  I have only put 3 coats of wood protector on the new back gate and I have had enough already.  So as you can guess I am not looking forward to painting the shed or giving the 12 fence panels their annual coat of wood protector tomorrow. 

It is clear that I am procrastinating again and as I am on annual leave would rather be doing something more holiday like; I am hankering after actually sitting down and doing not a lot other than reading books and catching up on TV...oh and walking the fluffbags - though the latter has to be done before 8.30am because it is far too hot later in the day at the moment.

Except I am going to 'crack on' with the wood protector duty tomorrow as it is allegedly going to be cooler than it has been for the last week before heating up again for the weekend - sensibly the best time to do it would be tomorrow but we all know I am not altogether sensible!

There is only one way I am going to get through it: put the ipod in the speaker dock, drag it outside, crank it up and paint and paint and paint until it is all done.  After all, we all know that when it is done I am going to sit on that rocker in the back garden and feel much better than I do now because it is a job that I can knock off this ever increasing list of things to do I carry around on my iPhone.

Tuesday (today) or yesterday to you guys felt like the hottest day so far and spending it with mum and dad Whimberry (blueberries to everyone else, or similar to anyway) picking, which turned out to be non-Whimberry picking because they are obviously sleeping in until later in the season, was the best thing I could have done because I was shaded for most of the 3 long walks we took in our quest to find the elusive fruit.  If I had been at home I would have sat in my little rocker in the garden reading a book and my nose would be even redder than it already is, Rudolf would be worrying he may be out of a job and Hubby would have told me off for not using enough sun cream when he returned home from work.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler which apparently means 23 degrees centigrade and not 29 we had today - I was expecting a reduction to 18-19 but never fear my nose will be safe because my back will be to the sun while I busy myself painting fence panels.

It is nearly 9pm and I am about to start some accounts.  Yes, it is late, but while I am in the mood for them I had best get them done because I can almost guarantee I won't feel like doing them tomorrow night after a day of painting fences

I may as well get on with them because it is far too hot to sleep, there is no cool air and I can only imagine how the little electricity meter is spinning itself dizzy during the night while we have 3 fans switched on throughout the night to keep all of us cool (cool is not the word I am looking for but you get the idea).  Granted my 'maternity' pillow probably doesn't help keep me cool as that is hugged into my upper body to provide support for my stupid shoulder as it keeps moaning each morning. 

Today has been the first day that I have actively thought how nice it would be to be able to walk around the house in PJs and to be able to randomly jump in a cold shower whenever I felt a bit warm.  Alternatively and a better idea would be a holiday in Turkey despite the fact that it would be 40 degrees celsius over there because at least I would be sat on a sun lounger reading the kindle and randomly dipping in the pool before partaking of an alcoholic cocktail at the bar.....

Mmmmm, thinking about it, if I am not doing anything on Friday a nice cold shower with a pair of shorts and a T-shirt will do as there is no one at home to see the extra weight jiggling about and I can randomly have a cool shower, drag my hair up in a clip and return outside to the sunshine again.  That sounds suspiciously like a plan folks!


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