Thursday, 11 July 2013

Are they painted yet?

9.09am - No!  Not started but in my defence I had to catch up on the regular blogs I read and I can't really play my music in the garden at this time of the morning.  Ignoring the neighbours potential disagreement with being woken to P!nk f'ing and j'fing from my back garden Beautiful B will stomp downstairs in a bad mood and refuse to get my ice-lollies all day as she lounges in the sun.
A load of washing has been done though and the bins are out for the dustmen already!
9.29am - How is it possible to have your mobile phone in your hand one minute and for it to magic itself somewhere else without your knowledge.  The phone fairy has obviously been visiting.
10am - Having brought in the now empty recycling bins, found my iPhone because the phone fairy has placed it back in front of the computer I have been at all morning, and put another load of washing on I have deemed it late enough for noise to be made; ensuring the neighbours are aware of that by placing all the bottles and cans in the recycling bin not so quietly so let the music and painting commence. 
Alas, Beautiful B has woken up and I have discovered is out for the entire day so I will have to take regular breaks to get my own beverages and ice-lollies....
12.40pm - 4 and 1/2 panels done and that is only the wood protector; me thinks this is going to take 4 days to do all 12 panels and painting the concrete posts etc.  Using the small part of my brain that stores common sense (and I do mean miniscule) I spent 30 minutes taping down numerous empty rubbish bags to protect the much loved indian stone paving - shame I forgot that if you splash paint everywhere you can stand in it and those rubbish bags mean nothing when you have closed the door on common sense and walked off the rubbish bags before removing's okay, I will hide that bit under the BBQ.
1.30pm - Returned to painting after a lunch of a can of pepsi max, 2 levels on a computer game and an email to Hubby so he could prepare himself for only a 1/4 painted garden when he returns home.  You never know, it may prompt him to make tea when he has cycled home in 25 degrees of heat.....
2.55pm - the concrete pillars etc are painted on the 4 panels completed so far.  They are looking pretty good if I say so myself and to make things better the sun is shining so surely I must be burning more calories?!  No, bugger!  Ah well, another can of Pepsi Max with 2 nectarines as chasers.  Some texting back and forth hinting at Hubby helping when he gets home. 
The hinting did not work in the slightest - not sulking at all, no I am not.
4.20pm - a short break to take Fredster to the vet as his limp is getting worse despite him not whining in pain.  He is having difficulty reversing and turning, the first of which you wouldn't expect much in a dog but then he is as strange as his owner.
5pm - £50 later, an injection, anti-inflammatories and a potential arthritis diagnosis and Fredster is re-named Sir Limp-a-lot.  Back to the fences until Hubby cooks tea; otherwise known as Hubby orders it and it is delivered.
6pm - 2 pieces of garlic bread and half a chicken kebab and salad later and I am about to go back to painting.  Being a stupid individual I want to finish the painting on the other side of the upper patio (1 fence panel and 4 concrete posts and bottoms to do) before I finish....despite realising that it is in fact Wednesday and not Thursday as I have thought all day and I have a whole additional day to finish the whole garden before I insist on having 2 full days of no work and no accounts!
Fredster update:  He is at least wagging his tail and moving around more now.  No more walking 3 steps and collapsing and pretending that the temperature is getting to him or going upstairs and deciding it is easier to stay led on mummy's bed than suffer the weight bearing pain of coming downstairs.  Still limping, especially on reversing (you really would think that they would learn to a) lie downstairs and b) not reverse wouldn't you?) but then it should take 2-3 days for him to stop limping.
7.30pm - Diet Coke (urgh!) Pepsi Max break. for 20 seconds
8.30pm - Half the fence panels and concrete posts and panels finished.  Rest to finish tomorrow.  Nice and cool but alas the light is fading in the sky if not in my motivation.  Now to half hour of cleaning the kitchen and a bit of housework, shower and then either TV or a good vampire book. 
I do live such an exciting life.....



  1. oh I love your site!!! Thanks so for stopping in to "seaview cottage" ....and it's northerly extension...
    I love the old pictures too!!! So lucky to have mum as a little girl I think is my favorite.....
    We are blazing hot here in the states too......I am NOT a lover of the heat!!!! Oh well....not much I can do about that .....sit in front of the fan with a project!!
    Hope the bloody fence gets done soon!!!!!!!

    1. Hi! Yes they did get done - all in 2 days but it did take 20 hours in total even with Hubby helping paint 3 fence panels. There is a small trellis fence (which will require removal to save the expensive patio getting splattered with anything, including my hard earned blood sweat and tears...., and the back wall to do but that has to wait. My back went on strike the day after as it was lol.