Monday, 10 June 2013

Why you should never eat red hot chillis

My brother loves his chillis....because he is a masochist.  Okay, he isn't really but you get the idea.

I'm not sure you should be this excited!
As far as he is concerned the hotter the better.  His dad being a chef he knows how to cook and apparently makes some mean prawns with garlic and chilli but I only have that on Hubby's authority as I do not like prawns - I like seafood but only if it looks and tastes like a fish.  Anyhoo, he doesn't make them as hot when Hubby is eating them and still Hubby's mouth burns for a loooonnnnggg time.

While in Centerparcs we went out for a gorgeous meal for Hubby's birthday.  C ordered hot wings.....he loves hot wings, the hotter the better.  So when he ordered them he asked if he could have them hot and I said to the waitress "Hot, hot, hot!"

Hubby ordered prawns in some kind of coating and hotish dip and the 'brothers' swapped a sample each.  It was all going so well, C was saying how tasty the hot wings were and Hubby was commenting on the flavour and lack of heat in the prawn coating was just right because of the heat in the dip; in fact they were like two little old men putting the world to rights.  

Meanwhile, A and I were busy sampling each other's cocktails on the other side of the table because you know; a girl has to have some priorities in life.

It got to the point that Hubby sampled the hot wing and honestly all he took was one bite and I swear he almost had a coronary.  Now, he doesn't really like stuff too hot I will admit, though he is getting better over time, but apparently the hot wing was beyond hot.  So it was probably unfair that C, A and I found it almost one of the funniest moments of the day.

In fact, a day later Hubby mentioned that he had taken the skin off the roof of his mouth just eating that one bite.  Why would anyone want to eat something so hot that it would be dangerous for your health?  The fact that a hot wing can take the skin off the roof of one's mouth may explain why C looked like this an hour after eating his wings.....the sauce actually burnt his chin!  C still maintained that they were not 'too hot'.  All I ask is why would you?!

Should we rethink the non-title 'masochist'?


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