Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What I learned this week

So far I have had a good week and it is all down to the fact that I am on leave until tomorrow and the sun has been shining HOT!  I have shared it with family and friends which makes it extra special.

This week I have learned:

  • BBQs are not condusive to weight loss; not that I am trying at the minute so maybe this is an excuse for when I do and have a bad week;
  • Everyone loves a BBQ evidenced by 3 BBQs in a week;
  • Rachel makes a gorgeous tossed salad to be shamelessly copied yesterday.  I forgot the peppers and despite adding carrot as a good alternative I can still stand there and worry it isn't colourful enough;
  • Although I say so myself, the tossed salad was gorgeous and very popular but not as health conscious as it could have been-shame that....;
  • A bit of additional salary doesn't seem to stretch very far when you are buying a BBQ, a firepit and a garden glider-or not in my house;
  • Hubby is no good at reading instructions on how to build said bought items but I am;
  • You can get a fantastic BBQ meat pack for £10;
  • You can discover that Beautiful B has no idea how to eat a rib at the age of 19;
  • Ry and Beautiful B enjoy BBQs just as much as we do and love the older generations company just as much;
  • The addition of a sun lounger that tips back so you can 'lounge' in the sun makes for much hilarity when people sit on it and accidently tip backwards;
  • I am guessing that it may not be a good idea to sip cocktails on the sun lounger for fear of being covered in it should you lose your center of gravity which I am wagering you are more likely to do the drunker you get;
  • The handles of the sun lounger are at the completely wrong angle if you fall backwards on them but it does make for great entertainment for your guests;
  • Those handles do a lot of damage to your gluteus maximus if you fall on them in just the right wrong way;
  • Seriously brusing your butt makes for pain when sitting, walking and moving and you begin to realise just how much you use that muscle every minute of the day!
So what did you learn this week?

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