Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Doing nothing feels SO good

It's certainly a bonus when you pick Hubby up from work and twitter about it being your last full day of at least having the ability to do nothing only to be told that the appointment you think you have tomorrow is actually the day after because it is only Tuesday.  What a long sentance but I am guessing it signifies I am either losing my marbles early in life, I am just plain stupid or finally relaxing into being on annual leave.

I have done nothing all day but lie in bed snuggling up with the fluff bags and watching a TV programme about the life on an Accident and Emergency Dept (ER in USA) in a 24 hour period.  Well, I did have a conversation with myself about whether I would agree to be on a TV programme when arguably you look at your worst when in an A&E department but that probably doesn't count as activity.

I thought I needed to spend this evening completing a job application form until I had the conversation above.  Regardless of the extra day, I should spend the evening completing the application because, yes you guessed it, I also have accounts to do but at the moment I feel more like going and catching up on TV that I recorded on the Sky planner; lets face it, we all know that is what I am going to do.

It's an added bonus that Hubby thinks that I should spend the evening relaxing because, in his words, I haven't stopped while I have been on annual leave. 

Last nights BBQ was a success but I have to admit, while it isn't exhausting, a lot of preparation goes into a BBQ, which I should know! I spent a good hour running around buying salad ingredients, and then two hours cooking eggs, crying while I cut two onions, luckily not chopping my finger off while preparing mushrooms, randomly giving the girlie fluff bags bits of carrot along the way.  I'm not even counting the hours cleaning the house because, God forbid, someone goes home from my house and has a discussion about finding some dust in it.

It did give me chance to try my vax steamer out which is heavier than I expected but then it does have quite a bit of water in it, I guess.  I may or may not have broken it because it started to make a funny noise after a while so I'm going to try again tomorrow in case it has a circuit cut off in the event that a person who believes that continuous steam is better for cleaning than short bursts of it uses it....

I have given Beautiful B permission to decorate her own room.  Although she does not need a new carpet she wants one and I am a firm believer of 'if you want something but don't need it you will fund it out of your own wage not mine' so she has been window shopping for carpets and paint.  Today she has been pulling everything out of her wardrobe for a good clean out and found all sorts of treasures including every trinket and present I have ever bought her on my travels with work as she is more sentimental than I am, old pillows (why not throw the old ones when I replace them?!), 6 hot water bottles of which 4 are mine which explains why I have to keep buying new ones....and it goes on. 

I have I don't know how many bags in the back of the car to take to the tip tomorrow because I daren't look but I will wager that if I went visiting in her room now it would look like WW III has occurred as she has informed me that 'everything just needs to go back in its place now'.  Past experience tells me that might take another day or so.

She is really excited and I am not going to rain on that parade because I remember the first time mum and dad let me decorate my own room, with the same buy it yourself philosophy (who says we don't turn into our parents), and left me to paint the walls white and the paintwork bright yellow as 'it was different'.  I have to admit it looked really effective though I am sure my dad, being ex-army, was itching to go around the room and touch up the edges....

The more I sit here the more I want to get dinner out of the way and sit in bed and read a good book while Hubby watches TV next to me, so good night everyone.  I am off to relax!


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