Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Odds and sods….as my mum would say

It is never a good idea to take some work home along with your ‘to do’ list and then leave it at home when you return to work on a Monday!  Having returned from an overnight stay and a very late night at my brothers the night before I did intend on doing some work but that didn’t happen.  Instead, Hubby came upstairs and told me to turn the TV off at 7pm because I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

So I am wondering what to do at work.  Not that I don’t have anything to do, I have lots and lots, I just can’t remember where I intended starting today.

Abi Fluff looks very strange without a collar on, after she keeps repeatedly chewing it we have agreed it is probably a good idea to throw it away and buy her a new one.  It didn’t stop her walking up my chest as I sat in bed last night, wagging her tail and looking very pleased with herself!  Having said that, I cannot work out how she managed to get it in her mouth as it wasn’t loose so maybe she is double-jointed and keeping it a secret.

Hubby is playing pool tonight and I am already guessing that this evening will be a night of washing and cleaning as I neglected those duties in favour of an evening catching up with my brother and his fiancée followed by an afternoon with said fiancée and best friend A watching and laughing hysterically at Despicable Me 2. 

Having done the cleaning I will have to force myself to sit down and do some of the accounts as I cannot put it off any longer.  As it appears the sun isn’t going to show itself today I will not be tempted to sit in the garden and read in the new rocking bench.  It is probably best to do some accounts while the sun isn’t shining because I won’t have to decide between the accounts and sun at a later date then, will I?  The only problem with that is that it is sensible and I am not.

As you can tell this is a very rambling post and I really don’t care.  I should I know but then I don’t necessarily write this blog so that others will love it or find it amusing.  I write it so that I can dump my thoughts and give something for Beautiful B to remember me by should someone not invent the miracle of life so we can live forever.  I would like to point out, however, that I would only want to live forever if I didn’t age; wouldn’t it just suck if we could live forever but we still looked old and wrinkly.  My hands are already looking old, my knuckles especially which seem to have far too much skin, which is amazing really as I have gotten fat so you would assume that I would have less skin there, not more. 

See a completely rambling post……

So…what else? 

Well, there is the need for me to start eating very healthily soon….as in from tomorrow.  Yes, I know everyone says they will start tomorrow but I do.  Firstly, I have lots of goodies to eat, including Snowballs and French Fancies and I know I should throw them away because I will only have to lose the consumed calories but they taste so good.  Secondly, my wedding ring fit very nicely when I got married in October and so did my engagement ring which is more to the point because the latter doesn’t fit at all now.  My wedding ring is in danger of cutting my circulation off anytime within the next month or so and as I refuse to have my wedding ring made bigger because it is precious I don’t really have a choice but to lose weight. 

All of that does not include the need to lose weight because I feel tired all of the time and I miss having far too much energy for one person to deal with, as do the fluff bags as they went on my extended walks with me. 

Hubby is picking up a bicycle on Wednesday as work are closing the site I work on and transferring me to one closer to home.  A great idea you would say except it means that Hubby will work in the opposite direction to me and I refuse to do a 20 mile round trip twice a day to drop him off at work because he refuses to drive.   Hence the bicycle, except…Hubby hasn’t ridden a bicycle for 20 years and having practiced behind our house he was struggling to breathe fully after only a couple of minutes and about 200 yards.   Peeps, he will be doing 6 miles a day!  This isn’t a lot but when as unfit as him and a family history of diabetes, cancer and more importantly heart issues your wife can have kittens worrying….

So all told, there is quite a bit going on which probably explains the slightly unsettled feeling.  Or maybe it is just because it is Monday and I am not in the mood for working.

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