Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What I learned this week

Good morning, afternoon or evening to you all.
Right now my nose is itching and driving me mad!  Yesterday was a day of sneezing and today is going to be a day of an itchy nose. 
So here is what I learned this week:
  • Weather men/women are mostly wrong.  This week has been a day of being sunny when it was supposed to be raining and vice versa.
  • My garden furniture was delivered on Thursday; in time for summer.  I am wondering whether my garden furniture jinxed the weather.  After a lovely day on Friday, it has been raining and the wind howling.
  • My dad makes a much better back gate than the gardener who made the last one! 
  • My back wall now needs rendering again - the blown plaster stuff did not stand the vibration of a drill and to be fair I am not surprised at all.
  • It costs much more for a car roof box than I ever expected - not that I needed one, Angel was selling one and it sold second hand for more than I thought it would cost brand new.
  • Angel has the skinniest but prettiest ankles - having known her over 20 years I am not sure why I have only just noticed that.
  • Waking up with backache makes you wonder if a) you spent too long in bed in the last 24 hours (for perfectly legitimate reasons I may add!) or b) your mattress is on its way out or c) you are getting too old.
  • It is possible to stay awake until 3am in the morning putting to world to rights with your brother.  For someone who doesn’t really ‘do’ lie-ins you can do a really good impression of one until nearly noon the next day.
  • Despite sleeping 7 hours when you get home later that night you won’t be able to stay awake beyond 7pm and sleep straight through until 3am.  I suspect without backache I may have slept merrily until 5.30am when the alarm went off signalling work was on the horizon.
  • Your daughter can sit and tell you about her day at work and you will find yourself not understanding half of what she is saying because it is too medically confusing.
  • It isn’t possible to eat a snowball without getting coconut flakes all down the front of your clothes.
  • Whoppers taste like strawberry flavoured Maltesers and are lovely but there will be a 50:50 split in your brothers household as to whether they taste ‘sickly’ or not.
  • A python can live up to 30 years.
  • You can start worrying whether Hubby will have a heart attack riding home on a bicycle for the first time in 20 years a whole 2 days before he picks the bike up from the shop.
  • Abi fluff is able to get her collar in her mouth to chew it even though you can attempt to do the same thing with her and it be impossible.
  • If you return home from a night away and find a sink full of dirty pots and leave them for the Beautiful B that left them, she will get the hint when she returns home and wash them before she goes to bed.

So what have you learned this week?
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  1. :) I have not had a snowball in years!!! You are right & now I so want one! A very fun post! I visited from What I Learned This Week :)
    Have a great day!