Thursday, 27 June 2013

An unexpected day off work

Well, it is but it isn't.  Tomorrow would have been my non-working day (I work 10 days worth of hours over 9 days) but I have swapped that for today (which is Wednesday but this will post on Thursday - just to confuse you all.  So it isn't really another day off just unexpectedly a day early.  So far, I am really quite enjoying it.  Except for the fact that Abi fluff is poorly.
A frantic call from Beautiful B last night because she came home for work and lets just say she had a lot of cleaning up to do.  Fredster was poorly last week with a stomach bug and I was all prepared to be taking him to see the vet - after all, everything you read says they should go if their stomach has not settled within 24-36 hours.  Except it wasn't Fred, who is getting better.
This time it was Abi Fluff and obviously we were not home to help her out.  The poor little mite spent last night cuddled up to me with a stomach that was rolling every 2 minutes and no energy at all.  She was in and out of the garden like a yo-yo as the saying goes.
She is much better this morning but still very clingy and sorry for herself, as she should be.  She survived the night without accident but like I would with Beautiful B I want to be here so the door to the garden can be left open and I can make sure she is recovering.
As I type she is snuggled on the dog bed with her mum and nanny snoozing away.  I know it is only my imagination that makes me wonder if she is now too thin - it has only been the last 24 hours that she hasn't been able to keep food down.
So it turns out that my fluffbags are more important than work, just like my family - which in some ways is kind of worrying and doesn't really say a lot to show whether I like my job or not.
Having read back yesterday's post a quick update:
  • no I have not started eating healthily yet, I still haven't got through my bag of goodies;
  • no I haven't finished the accounts - that is today's job while I doggy sit; and
  • no I didn't get the cleaning done on Monday night - I feel asleep in front of the TV and then took myself off to bed for an early night.
So today is a day of accounts and cleaning.  Joy!  Hubby has gone to work with all of his bicycle gear ready to pick the bike up if it is ready to collect.  It's likely to be a good job I am out tonight to spend an evening with Angel as I suspect he will be fast asleep and recovering from the 5 mile bike ride home by approximately 7pm. 
He is going to be so impressed when I insist he stretches his legs properly to cool down before he goes to the land of nod.
I may write Friday's post before tonight, if I don't Friday's post may be Five things about riding a bike when unfit or similar......


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