Friday, 7 June 2013

Five things Friday - excited.....much?

It's 5.30am and had I been organised this post would probably be about something completely different as it would have been prepared in advance and published at 3am, UK time.  I had more important things to do yesterday though; the most important of which was to go and see Angel.

It will have to be short and sweet, version of short which is probably too much waffle for other people....because I have spent uploading photos to my new page about the fluffers which took longer than expected as Internet Explorer decided to stop working half way through and after having a heart attack that wasn't a heart attack with or without a bit of swearing and cursing it opened back up with the photos I had uploaded still there - well done,, well done.

So go and take a look, I'll wait.....

Back, welcome, aren't they cute?

Anyhoo, todays short post, which already isn't short but you regular readers - all one of you, know me well enough by now and probably settled down to read this latest post having cleared your diaries for an hour and a good cup of coffee on tap knowing you would be hear for quite a while, is all about five things I am excited about today.

  1. This is my last day at work until a week today.  Having offered to reduce my leave last week I cleverly negotiated more leave to make up for it and that has come around very quickly so I am in holiday mode before I even get to work.  I am looking forward to a week of no work emails about value added tax.
  2. The sun is shining and by shining I mean there isn't a cloud in the sky and the temperature is forecast to be 21 degrees celsius which for little old Blackpool is positively boiling so a short day is in order so I can come home and settle on the rocker with a good book in the garden.
  3. The sun and warmth is set to last at least until Monday so I really cannot see myself getting much done in the way of Treasury accounts and cleaning past 10am each morning and you know what?  I am okay with that!
  4. My cold is on it's way out which makes for what feels like a very excitable Ribena which probably means a normal Ribena but as I have been feel more than under the weather for over a week I can only describe this feeling as being full of jumping beans.
  5. Hubby and I are off to Rachels tomorrow evening for a BBQ, drinks (in my case Coca Cola as the designated driver and because Hubby can't drive) and much more importantly some fantastic company.  The fact that the sun will be shining and it will be warm just adds to it all.  Rachel and I have not seen each other for a while so to say I am excited is putting it a bit mildly.
So folks, pray tell me, what are you all excited about on this gorgeous blue and warm Friday morning?


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  1. As for me, I am very much looking forward to, and am therefore exited about, the BBQ you mention! Good company, good food (I am only in charge of prep work because I tend to burn meat on the BBQ) and maybe a few drinks! On top of all that, the garden is looking lovely and the weather is set to be toasty! Yay.