Saturday, 8 June 2013

A day of circles

You know when you have a plan of how your day is going to turn out?  I had one of those at 7am yesterday morning.

I had two major jobs I was going to do or so i thought before I left work. Any queries that needed to be issued would be and therefore responses waiting for me on Friday next week when I return to work. You see, I can be very organised, the problem is that my job does not like being as organised as me. 

Having identified a major issue on Thursday (Go me!!) and discussing it with my bosses boss I naively thought I could still do both of the jobs I wanted so others could be running around like little mice (in reality looking at their paperwork and emailing me but you get the picture) to send me the informtion while I am on annual leave; I could hit the ground running on my return. Wrong! After all, I'm not Wonder Woman and I would look incredibly stupid in her mini skirt and crown/headband thingymajig anyhoo. 

Instead I had to concentrate on the bigger strategic issue and if nothing else if I may have wrangled an agreement from my bosses boss that I should lead from our area and work and direct the cross-functional team to solve the issue as it would be a fantastic example for promotion. 

Having said all that part of this weekend will be spent applying for not just one job but two. After all, a girl has to keep her options open....

An early finish at work which I had to forcibly tell myself to do then followed so I could relax in the garden soaking up the sun and reading books. We will ignore the odd quick snoozes or two (ahem). It's amazing how easy  much easier it is to tell yourself that the work can be left a week when the sun is shining and it is 23 degrees outside.

Periodically the fluff bags would come and stand at the fence we have between the patio area and the rest of garden looking like little white fluffy prisoners while I read my book.  Having sat there for nearly 3 hours the sun moved and I could no longer catch any rays so I cooked Hubby's dinner (see what a great wife I am??) and then caught up on some TV for the first time this week Hubby and I .

It is 5.30am and the sun is shining with hardly any clouds in the sky.  Hubby is at work today (or as my mother affectionately says; I am sending Hubby out to work at the weekend) and the back garden is calling.  Beautiful B is not at work and a sunbed should arrive this morning at some stage so hopefully we can catch more rays together.

Tonight Hubby and I are at Rachels for the 3 B's; BBQ, Beer and Betting. Of course, being risk-adverse government workers we don't bet for real money.  If the weather stays like this we will be playing poker in the garden I expect. I can catch up with Rachel who is looking for some gossip but I haven't been able to find any and as she is the only regular reader of this blog she knows everything anyway, don't you hon?

As an aside, having a list of things to do is not much use at 5.30am in the morning as the majority of them involve me making some noise which will disturb Hubby and Beautiful B, the latter of who has already been woken up once by the fluff bags who thought it was a good idea to be too playful and noisy after I gave them their worming tablets (otherwise known as forcibly put down their throats and mouths held closed until they swallowed) and flea treatment. 

So you know what that means.....time to play some computer games......

See you on the other side of the weekend folks-have a great one!

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