Thursday, 6 June 2013

Stoopid games

I'm sat in my PJ's too hot for my own good and by hot I mean temperature wise because anything else is laughable. 

Beautiful B has ordered and is now playing a game she played as a child.....Animal Crossing. 

Which you would be forgiven for thinking is rather cute and it is except that she used to play it on the Nintendo DS and therefore used headphones. 

Instead, Ry and I are sat here listening to silly animals talking in an unknown language having sucked far too long on helium from a balloon having recently snorted something with the same effects as speed. 

Ry is already worrying that he will be speaking another language within a week and I am already wondering how many of my brain cells have died voluntarily in the last 10 minutes. 

Having said all that it is Beautiful B's birthday so she can cry if she wants to or play a game that takes her back to her childhood and I can secretly sit here thinking about how so very cute she is for even wanting to play a game she played incessantly as a child. 

Happy Thursday everyone (though I wrote this a day early obviously). 

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